‘Come to Nigeria’ Magazine steals show at World Travel Market Trade Fair

Oladimeji Adisa
Oladimeji Adisa

The annual World Travel Market trade fair has entered its fourth day with Nigeria maintaining a very unique and conspicuous presence.

The nation’s colourful national flag, the green white green exhibits a prominent feature with officials from the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), wooing the world to love Nigeria and visit her to enjoy her wealth of cultural endowments.

Unfortunately, several visitors who had visited the venue are expressing disappointment as no other organisations of Nigeria texture  featured in the world renowned exhibition.

Leading Nigerian Organisations such as Air Nigeria, Arik Air, Hotel Organisations  and many top rated companies expected to add  glamour to the Nigeria stand  were conspicuously absent taken away the much expected business impact.

It was a situation that made many ease away in consternation as nothing worthy of note except the national colour so uniquely displayed.

A visitor had said: “Where are the business links?” adding he was expecting a more Nigeria presence as the nation has long been noted for her virile cultures and traditional values. The gaffe  created a very disappointing impression to many visitors to the venue of the Travel Trade fair.

NTDC which pioneered Nigeria’s presence appeared as the main focus making the Nigeria factor very much personalised and government- oriented.

As the exhibition enters its final day on Thursday, among those companies being looked for at the venue are Airlines, hotels and Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and catering services.

None was present to add more to the glittering colours displayed by Nigeria.

Surprisingly, many visitors to the Nigeria stand found solace in a unique tourism Magazine ‘Come to Nigeria’ which incidentally had been there on self effort, brought by the Publisher, Mr Oladimeji Adisa.

 So missed at the WTM tradefair.
So missed at the WTM tradefair.

Adisa is an artist of many parts, a dramatist and Cultural promoter who has taken Nigeria Culture to its highest height in Britain in the past eighteen years:” We are surprised that our Magazine has been a real selling point for Nigeria as everybody wants to have it taken away”, he said in response to questions on how he came about bringing the Magazine to the venue.

He said the Magazines were indeed carried to the venue on his personal initiative.

“We have passion for our country and we can prove to the world that once again Nigeria is not what many people across the world view her to be with many negative views. We are glad the Magazine today has sold Nigeria to the world surprisingly”, Mr Adisa said.

He said the Magazine has been a solo effort and the impact of its three previous editions is today felt across the world.

“Many foreigner seek after the Magazine on line because we feature the best of Nigeria while the sister online Magazine cometonigeria.com has encouraged many visitors to visit the country.

However, Thursday the last day of the exhibition has been declared Nigeria’s Special Day with lots of cultural shows in waiting to be featured.

Nigerians are being enjoined to come to Excel to compliment Nigeria stand at the Exhibition.

Read more about ComeToNigeria Travel Magazine, please visit cometonigeria.com


  1. Nigeria Tourism is a one man show of shame. No encouragement for Nigerians abroad to contribute to the development of Tourism in Nigeria. No motivation, no encouragement no progress. This is a big shame. Just mouthing and no physical actions. Shame on Runsewe

  2. It is a shame really because I was at the Nigeria stand at the WTM and it was nothing but a complete waste of money…NTDC is full of greedy bastards who don’t know what tourism is all about; they don’t even know how to sell Nigeria to the foreigners! Their spoken English is so poor; they were just shouting and not communicating! I remember one of the NTDC staff asked me to help her talk to a potential tourist from the UK when they poor guy requested for some info about Nigeria. Same on NTDC!

  3. Well, you guys may not like what happened at the Nigerian stand at the just concluded WTM but I must confess that I really enjoyed myself. Even though I don’t like the poor organisation of the stand, it’s really amazing to get to dance with Muyiwa Ademola and my sexy Ronke Oshodi-Oke. Just like Bright said, some of the NTDC staff aint properly trained; I saw them acting as if they own the corporation – forgetting that we are all Nigerians and we own it together!

  4. That Runsewe man is a complete joke! I came from France to attend WTM and I was disappointed to see Nigeria stand littered with poor designed and printed materials. What is wrong with all these stupid people running Nigerian Tourism? Are they telling me that’s the best Nigerian can offer? They must be joking

  5. Oh sorry I forgot to mention, that cometonigeria magazine is superb and brilliant! I collected two editions from a guy in black suite…I had a thought that NTDC produced the magazine until I red the publisher’s statement!

  6. Nigeria is a blessed country. All of you making comments must support NTDC to achieve more. NTDC must embrace the private sector as it is done in India, UK, Germany, UAE and South Africa. That way we can take Nigeria to greater height. Even with all our problems, Nigeria is a must go destination in Africa. Thank you.

  7. I just subscribed to that COMETONIGERIA magazine and I visited their website http://www.cometonigeria.com more since I first read your story. I think they are doing very good publication about our country and I am imploring all Nigerians to support them. That Nigeria @ 50 edition is better than what the Federal Government spent N250 million to produce. I want to call on the Tourism Ministry in Nigeria to please raise the level of our tourism. In contrary, I will say congratulations to Otunba Runsewe for making Nigeria presence known at the World Event in London. It is his passion that is helping us to grow. With many more advisers that will give him more ideas, our Tourism will grow.

  8. It wasn’t really a disappointment for a personalised displayed of Nigerian tourism by NTDC but only lack of information and planning . As a media practictioneer, iI conduct series of interviews for those present to attend the Market and responses were made to reflect that private investors are not encouraged to associate themselves with tourism in Nigeria. A good example is ‘ Come to nigeria’ which is supposedly be supported fully in thier endeavour to sell Nigeria in the best informative way.

  9. My husband came home with copies of cometonigeria magazine and I must commend the efforts put together by the guys behind the magazine. What a lovely way to sell the country to the entire world! How do I get a copy of the latest edition because my husband came home with previous editions?

  10. Great information. Please note that it is not only the ‘ComeToNIgeria’ magazine that was available for visitors during the just concluded WTM. Nigeria government also produced and distributed several memorabilia and a magazine called ‘ATQ’ was available too. Though they all serve different purposes, but to me such stand needs informative publications to sell our dear country. I am sure NTDC will improve on this next year.