Community leader, 23 others killed in gang operation in Kaduna State

Kaduna State marked on map

At  least 24 innocent people were killed on Sunday in DogonDawa, in Birnin Gwari Local Government  area of Kaduna  state as a group of assailants stormed the community shooting and stabbing the  residents indiscriminately in a swift mass murder operation.

Most of those targeted were worshipers just  leaving a mosque after early morning prayer as the assailants commenced  shooting and stabbing anyone in sight. Homes were forced open and resident killed in cold blood. The home of the community chief was also raided and the assailants forced him out, killing him in cold blood.

Sources claimed the assailants were armed robbers and both the Commissioner of Police, Olufemi A Adenaike and the state Commissioner  of  Information later confirmed that the assailants were Armed robbers in statements issued:  “On 14 /10/2012 at about 05:30hrs,  suspected gang of armed bandits, numbering ten (10), stormed Dogon Dawa village killing twenty-four (24) persons. Information had it that few of the victims were coming back from their morning prayers, while the others were attacked in their various homes”, claimed the Commissioner.

He added: “Fact of the Incident: Investigations revealed that on 13 /10/2012 at about 1200 hrs, some members of a vigilante group from DogonDawa village went to Kuyello village, a distance of 35-kilometers, arrested four (4) persons suspected to be members of a notorious gang terrorizing their areas and took them down to Dogon Dawa village for questioning.

“Following the arrest, some unidentified armed gang in Kuyello village, mobilized in their larger gang and stormed the village at the early hours on Sunday(14/10/2012 in a effort to rescue the four (4) persons arrested. .”

The gang descended on innocent members of the village, killing a total of twenty-two (22) persons. The gang succeeded in rescuing two (2) out of the four persons arrested by the vigilante group while the other two (2) whom the attackers could not release were killed at the spot by the same assailants.

“The command swung into action by mobilizing a unit of PMF personnel and conventional operatives to the scene, where all the exits were properly manned by the police and army, as hunt of the perpetrators is on top gear. Meanwhile investigation has commenced and security presence maintained.”

The State Commissioner for Information, Saidu Adamu, said “a gang of robbers who have been terrorizing the area are likely to have carried out the attack”.

Reports say the gang had tried to attack the village recently, but had been repelled by a vigilante group. The armed bandits promised to return as some of their men were felled by the local vigilante group of the community.

A traditional ruler and councillor of Birnin Gwari Local Government Area, Abdullahi Mohammed, confirmed the bandit’s threat to revenge the killing of their colleagues by the vigilante group.

“We are suspecting a reprisal attack by gangs of armed robbers who lost some of their members after a recent exchange of fire with the villagers and the vigilantes,” he said.