Corruption: Ex-President Jonathan Accuses APC Government Of Hypocrisy


Corruption: Ex-President Jonathan Accuses APC Government Of Hypocrisy-Nigeria’s former President Goodluck Jonathan has opened-up in the Media to speak on issues of national interest, especially as concern his past government and many mis-information communicated to Nigerians since the inception of the current APC government.

Speaking during an interview with Bloomberg, he explained many issues concerning his government had been mis-represented and over-politicised.

On the issue of Buhari administration claiming it met a virtually empty treasury, Jonathan claimed it was impossible for Buhari to have inherited an empty treasury adding that the government would not have been able to issue bails to the states.

He claimed that accusation of non-diversification of the economy was all lies as his government today boast of the best Agricultural progress in the history of Nigeria. He said the only area where he failed to make good stride was on the side of the solid minerals.

He accused the government of Muhammadu Buhari of hypocrisy and lies, claiming that many issues of national interest has been over-politicized.

According to him, he tackled corruption on the most tactical and technical way such that was being approached that there would be no money available to steal.

Jonathan was speaking during an interview with Bloomberg while answering question on ‘Bloomberg Surveillance’

He narrated how his administration fought and succeeded in eliminating corruption, especially in fertilizer subsidies claiming his attempt to do the same to the oil sector was frustrated by powerful forces, accusing the current government of hypocrisy: “The very people that have been accusing us of corruption are the very people that frustrated the fight against it. It’s unfortunate,”

He spoke about the perception among Nigerians that corruption was rampant in the country when he was president.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Jonathan said there was nothing new about such perception, and that it had always been the case since the country’s independence that in-coming government must raise issues to get support.

“Perception is based on what people say,” he said. “In Nigeria, somehow it has been a routine. From the collapse of the First Republic, what the military said was the reason for taking over was corruption.

“When the Second Republic collapsed, the same was the story. If there is a major change in government where one political party is taking over power from another one, there must be issues that would be raised.

Corruption: Jonathan Accuses APC of Hypocrisy
Corruption: Jonathan Accuses APC of Hypocrisy

“Yes. I cannot say the country, from beginning of independence, there was no corruption. Yes, there has been corruption. I did well to cut down on corruption. My approach was not to make money available to anybody to touch,” he said.

He added that he’s aware of being investigated for corruption by the current government and would not want to pass comment on the investigation being carried out.

According to him, he would wait for the report of investigations to be chronicled and would not want to make certain comments. Jonathan said he would not want to take responsibility for current  state of the economy in Nigeria because his administration left behind good tidings for the nation.