David Cameron Resigns, Says Britain Needs A New Hand For Brexit


David Cameron Resigns, Says Britain Needs A New Hand For Brexit-British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation in the aftermath of Britain’s exit from the Europeans Union.

Britain on Thursday voted to edge out a EU-stay-in decision as the result of the vote was very close.

For over 43 years, Britain has been part of EU and Cameron for several months had fought vigorously to secure a continued membership.

In a statement that Cameron read out outside Downing Street at about 8.15 am, Mr Cameron said it would not be right for him to stay put as the captain that “steers the country” in a new direction which the generality of the people had channelled.

Cameron spoke with passion and with voice so sombre and regretful of the exit of the EU: “I Iove this country and will do everything I can to serve it”

He said the will of the people under the current sitation must prevail, saying:  “The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered.”

Brexit- The Queen was in favour
EU-Cameron Resigns. The Queen was in favour of Brexit

According to him he would stay on until a new Tory leader emerges  but expected that he would have been gone by the time of the next  Conservative Party Conference in October.

“We must now prepare for a renegotiation with the EU. Above all this will require strong determined and committed leadership.

“I think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in that direction.”

He however said he would not invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty that will start the process of the formal Britain’s exit claiming he would leave such decision to his successor.

Cameron’s resignation is likely to engender a quick fix Tory leadership election conference within few weeks

There rumours that the outcome of the referendum  is also likely to spark a second independence referendum request by Scotland. Unlike England and Wales which voted to remain in the EU.

EU: Britain now officiallly out. Brexit Wins referendum.
EU:Britain now officially out. Brexit Wins referendum.