Dead body causes stir during a football match…as friends give dead hero last honor


Christopher Jacome’s a football fan was taken to the stadium in his coffin, days after he was gunned down while playing with his friends in a local community.

His friends thought his spirit would be lifted if taken to attend a match involving his favourite club and so, the body of the Colombian teenager was taken to the stadium in his coffin with his body wrapped in white cloths.
The body was brought to see his favorite team play one last time.

The remains of Christopher Jacome, 17, were brought in a coffin to General Santander Stadium in the city of Cucuta for Sunday’s match between Cucuta Deportivo and Envigado.

Jacome, who was a member of a local soccer fan club known for its hooliganism, was shot to death Saturday just a day before the Sunday match while playing soccer in a nearby park.

After his wake-keeping was held, pals from his soccer club “Barra del Indio” took the cadaver from the funeral home and decided to bring the coffin with the body inside to the stadium and parade the casket around the stands apparently to pay the last homage.

City officials were appalled when they later discovered the body was allowed in and are investigating how it happened.

The players were perturbed as well.

“We do not understand how he was let in,” said Envigado midfielder Angle Jilmar. “We wondered if it was the fault of security.”

Police say Jacome’s death had nothing to do with soccer but stemmed from criminal activity around where he was playing.

Whether or not it was his last wish to be carried into the stadium is unclear, but that’s what happened.

The medic for the soccer club, Julio Rivera, told the press, “They don’t let in the “barras” (fanatics) but yes, a cadaver.
This is the only part of the world where this has happened.”

Officials say a crowd of 200 to 300 fans stormed into the stadium with the body creating an uncontrollable situation. The boy was a member of ‘Barra del Indio,’ a particularly aggressive Colombian soccer fan club, according to El Mundo.

Jacome’s death had little to do with soccer, but was a result of violence in the area, wrote Colombia Reports.