Dead body of Nigerian discovered inside aircraft wheel


The dead body of a  Nigerian has been discovered inside an aircraft wheel well.

According to sources, the plane took off from Johannesburg and was bound for Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital.

A Nigerian airline spokesman confirming the story to The Associated Press said  the dead body was found inside the wheel well of  the aircraft that originated in South Africa.

Arik Air spokesman Banji Ola tells The Associated Press that workers found the body Monday after the Airbus A300 returned from Johannesburg. Ola described the incident as a “security breach” and said he had no other information Tuesday.

A Nigerian federal aviation spokesman declined to immediately comment.

Arik Air is considered Nigeria’s top commercial airline.

In August, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration granted Nigeria its top air-safety rating. That allows Nigerian airlines to fly directly to the U.S. However, porous airport security remains a concern in Africa’s most populous nation