Dead? Oh NO-Arnold Schwarzenegger Life Not Yet Terminated As Rumored

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - JULY 02: Arnold Schwarzenegger attends the Seoul Press Conference of "Terminator Genisys" at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on July 2, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures International)

Dead? Oh NO-Arnold Schwarzenegger Life Not Yet Terminated As Rumored-An online new website has disprove claims that popular film actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was found dead in his residence after suffering a heart attack.

According to the claim was only a hoax and it came after the fake claim that another actor James Earl Jones had passed away during the week.

The news site assured the Terminator star’s fans across the World to hold their breath and debunk the claim adding that  Arnold Schwarzenegger was hale hearty and remains as active as ever,

It was claimed that Arnold passed away on August 28 as he was found apparently suffering a heart attack in his residence. It assured however that fans should not take the fake news serious saying there was no  need to worry, adding:”The Terminator star is alive and well.

The fake report claiming that the 68-year-old Austrian-American actor, who is also a former professional bodybuilder and politician, suffered a heart attack was circulating online ran millions of his fan into  a frenzy.

International Business Times claimed the death rumors started after the  hoax website,, published an article claiming he was found death at his California home and that Los Angeles Police Department received a 911 emergency call about an “unresponsive male” from his house. At the residence, police found Schwarzenegger’s deceased body in his bed.

However, the Terminator actor is alive and well, and Australian bodybuilder Calum von Moger took to his Facebook account to debunk the rumours.

According to, International Business Times (IBT) reported that on August 28, a fake website posing as MSNBC directed readers to a website with a similar name,, in an attempt to trick readers into thinking that the bogus website was actually the official website. It claimed that the fake website MSMBC, which played the trick had no association with the real site  MSNBC and both were not in any way  affiliated.


Once users click on, they are greeted with a message indicating that Schwarzenegger died. The posted fake news on the site read :”Arnold Schwarzenegger was found dead at his Las Angeles [sic], California home. Schwarzenegger was 68 years old. Police responded to the L.A. home after receiving a 911 emergency call for a unresponsive male. Upon entering the residence, police found Schwarzenegger’s deceased body in his bed. ‘We found Mr. Schwarzenegger in his bedroom deceased around 9:30 pm on Wednesday,’ said Las Angeles Police Chief James J. Freda [sic] in a brief statement to Local 4 CBS News [sic]. We found no reason to believe foul play was a factor in his death but intent [sic] to perform a full investigation.’”

The above statement was apparently created by an anonymous writer. According to Snopesanyone can write a false article by simply signing up and joining the phony website. The site has no disclaimer, yet it entices people to write stories that can “be seen by millions of people.”

Schwarzenegger’s friend, bodybuilder Calum von Moger, attempted to squash the distasteful hoax by posting a message on his Facebook page.

Not only is Schwarzenegger alive and well, but he recently had lunch with Robert Earl, the producer of theExpendables movies. The actor met with Earl in Beverly Hills, California, at the Italian restaurant, E. Baldi. The duo smiled as they left the restaurant, and Schwarzenegger looked healthy, happy, and content, sporting khaki pants and a blue Polo shirt. Schwarzenegger, 68, starred in the first three Expendables movies. There are rumors of a 4th Expendables movie, but so far, nothing has been confirmed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also toured Eastern China last week. The superstar actor and former bodybuilder was abroad to help market the new film, Terminator Genisys, which opened in theatres last week on August