Death fear as Canada sets to deport Kemi Olunloyo on Friday August 24 to Nigeria


Hardnut: Kemi Omololu Olunloyo.. May pay a price for radicalism if deported to Nigeria.

The time is  ticking for  Kemi  Omololu Olunloyo, the  former Toronto based popular black activist, gun crime fighter and anti violence advocate who has been slated for deportation back to Nigeria this week.

She had appealed to Canadian authority about the dangers of her deportation which is not being taken seriously by the authority.

The news of her pending deportation from Canada to Nigeria was first reported last May but had been held back by certain procedural  protocol.

Kemi arrived Canada five years ago from the United States and has demonstrate such loyalty and patriotic commitment that she had won many hearts as a well meaning Canadian resident.  Activities challenging her deportation have held up the Canadian Border Agency from carrying out the threat since May.

But now, her deportation appears irreversible as it has been revealed that she was to be removed on August 20, which now has shifted to August 24.

In preparation for her unwanted journey back to her homeland, she was picked up last Friday by Canadian Border Service Agency, now  finalising arrangement for her deportation.

Sources claimed Kemi has been  undergoing a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment in an unknown location while a leaked twitter’s message purportedly  revealed details of her arrival back in Nigeria.

A Nigerian source spoke to on the risk of her  arriving Nigeria because genuinely, Kemi has been threatened with assassination due to her unrepentant stance  against top politicians. especially the popular Nigerian  Igbo community  who she had treated  disdainfully with insults for several years.

She has consistently lambasted Igbo people of Nigeria  for daring to  attempt secession.  She also had accused all Igbos of mass murder for daring to throw Nigeria into chaos and unwarranted civil war for four years.

The Canadian Police ironically are not oblivious of her situation having carried out investigation on threats to her life in many established internet blogs, set for that purpose of making her realise she has enemies across the World among the Igbos. She has been threatened with assassination if she arrives Nigeria.

Kemi also had put blames of the Nigerian  civil war on the door steps of every Igbo family accusing them of selfishness and allowing almost a million of their kinsmen to perish as sacrificial lamb for state of Biafra which failed after a four year old war.

In her no-hold back molestation of the Igbos, Kemi had accused the popular leader of Biafra defunct nation, Late Chief Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu calling him a war criminal .

In one of her attacks on the departed Igbo leader in the press and social network, she  described Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu as a tribalist who destroyed Nigeria,  cursing him that he would not sleep well in death.

She ignited a wild rage after describing Ojukwu a mass killer saying that she wished him to go to hell.

Hear what she said:”Biafra is dead, rot in Hell Ojukwu for killing those children. She added that   Ojukwu was an unrepentant secessionist  in south-eastern Nigeria who sparked the Nigerian Civil War that killed a million people:” I am gaining happiness that he is finally dead and gone . War criminal and  murderer. ”Ojukwu will never rest in peace. He is a genocidal criminal, and a pervert who slept with a child he christened and a villain forever”.

Her disgraceful comments have incurred the wrath of many Nigerians in general and many Igbos in particular with many threatening her with assassination for blasphemy.

Canadian Border Agency

Top Canadian  political activists and Canadian Black community  where Kemi has carved out a cliché for her crime fight have appealed to the Canadian authority for leniency  and stay of her deportation execution without visible success.

Unless mercy strikes her on the face, Kemi  is scheduled to be deported perhaps with all her children this Friday August 24.

She was arrested on Friday and moved to a government camp where preparation for her deportation is currently being finalised.

A source in London said; Kemi will not survive in Nigeria. She has carved out so many enemies because of her hate campaign and she can never survive it  if she arrives on Nigerian soil.”

Popular Canadian Newspaper, Toronto Sun reported that Mike Sullivan,  Members of Parliament (MP) for York South/Weston has written to Public Safety Minister MP Vic Toews over her humiliating treatment and the associating mental torture she is passing through, asking for a delay in the deportation execution.

“She honestly and rationally believes she will suffer harm or death in Nigeria as a journalist if she is returned”, said Mr Sullivan, who added that Kemi’s  fear has been  heightened by recent tweets from unknown sources  about attacks on her. These tweets have now been reported in Nigerian newspapers,” Sullivan said in the letter.

He believes the tweets have come from within the Canadian Border Service Agency or from Immigration Canada because they contain personal information like the date of her deportation and the medications that Olunloyo is currently prescribed.

Julie Carmichael, a spokesman for Teow’s office, said the government wants to ensure the immigration system is protected from those who seek to “take advantage of our generosity.
“The CBSA is mandated to remove inadmissible individuals as soon as reasonably practicable,” she added. “We will not remove individuals when there is an undue risk of death or torture.”

Source claimed that the Nigerian Embassy in Canada has bee supportive of the Canadian government move without consideration of the dangers staring at the face of the activist in Nigeria.

Kemi in a no-bar interview discussion with African Outlook Publisher Olusesan Ekisola.