Death in Nigerian born British boxer Herbie Hide home as he pallies with police


Herbert Okechukwu Maduagwu (aka Herbie Hide) had luck smiling at him last  week end as his Norwich Mansion where his friends were partying turned  a murder investigation spot.

As one of his old friends celebrated his 50th birthday party with other friends, Herbie   was escorted to the party venue by two policemen whom he had flagged downed when his car broke down on the ayto the paarty.

Then a news was broken to him that a murder had occurred by the policemen who advised him to stay away pending officers compiled information in order for him to avoid a link.

A man however was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Tafadzwa Kahn, 25, of St Giles Street, Norwich, died from stab wounds at the house in Long Lane, Bawburgh, on Sunday morning.

The accused man, who is from the Norwich area, is currently being questioned by Norfolk Police.
Detectives said the stabbing followed an argument at a party in the house.

More than 100 people were there at the time.
‘Like a brother’

Police said earlier they were “fairly certain” Mr Hide was not on the premises at the time of the stabbing.
Mr Hide, speaking for the first time since the incident, said he had treated the deceased, Mr Kahn like “a brother” and he had been killed “in his own house”.

“The reality of this right now is a man is dead,” he said.

“Imagine this – a lady was told her son has gone. Imagine that.”
Herbie Hide was world champion between 1997 and 1999

A spokesman said a post-mortem examination found the cause of death was a stab wound to the body.
The property remains sealed off and a forensic examination is continuing.

On Sunday Dept Supt Julian Gregory, of the joint Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team, said: “We understand that there was some kind of argument and dispute, obviously as the investigation progresses that will become clearer, but the stabbing took place in a crowded party in front of a number of people.”

Mr Hide and his family have relocated while investigations at the house continue.

Mr Hide won the WBO (World Boxing Organisation) heavyweight title for the first time in 1994, beating American Michael Bentt, but lost it to another American, Riddick Bowe, the following year.

He regained the title in 1997 and made two successful defences before losing to Vitali Klitschko in 1999.
Herbie Hide said today that the man murdered at his home in Bawburgh in the early hours of Sunday morning was like a “little brother” to him

Earlier, police confirmed the victim’s name, previously given as Taffy by friends, as Tafadzwa Kahn, who was 25.
“I have known this boy for lots of years. His mother and his siblings have stayed at my house. He is a like a little brother to me.

“To me, they killed my brother in his own house. That was his house, he was always comfortable there. He was a nice guy and used to ring me. He could come to my house any time he liked.”
Mr Hide said he was clueless about who was involved in the killing.

The party was being held to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of his friends, Ivan, he said.

Ivan, one of my best friends, was having his 50th birthday and him and his missus have been together for almost 30 years now and they were celebrating that.
“I’ve known Ivan for perhaps 30 years or so.

“His mother and his siblings, years ago, before I went to the States, they stayed at my house.”
He said he was on his way to the party but the car broke down.

“I waved down two officers, two nice officers, and I said ‘I’m having a party, can you take me home?’.
“They said ‘all-right Herbie’ and I jumped in the back of the car. They were telling me that they had been reading my autobiography, so we were all laughing about it.

“When I got to the gate, one of the officers, I was about to get out, and he told me to stay in there. I’m thinking ‘Why? What’s going on?’.

“He said there’s been an incident at your house and he asked me to open the gate. He told me ‘Herbie, in your best interests, we are protecting you, we need to get you out of here’.
“I’m thinking, is my house on fire? What’s going on?”

Mr Hide described claims that there were 300 people at the party at his Long Lane property as “nonsense”.

Meanwhile, friends have laid flowers and tributes to Mr Khan outside the YMCA hostel in St Giles Street in Norwich, where he lived, throughout the day.

A police statement said: “The incident occurred shortly after midnight at a private party being held at the property in Long Lane in the village. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.
“Family Liaison Officers have been assigned to assist his family during the ongoing enquiry.

“A Home Office postmortem examination, found that cause of death was from a single stab wound although the victim received multiple injuries.

“The property remains sealed and a forensic examination continues at this time.
“Police will continue to provide high visibility reassurance patrols in the area. Members of the local community who have any concerns are asked to contact local officers in the Costessey Safer Neighbourhood Team in the first instance.”

Anyone who has information about the incident should contact the Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 .
– For further tributes to Mr Khan and more information, see tomorrow’s newspaper.

Herbie Hide (born on 27 August 1971 in Owerri, Nigeria) is a British boxer of Nigerian heritage from Norwich currently fighting in thecruiserweight class. Hide is a two-time world heavyweight champion, having held the WBO title twice including a reign of nearly two years from 1997-1999
Hide has fought for most of his career at heavyweight, but later in his career decided to take a step down to cruiserweight.

He is known as The Dancing Destroyer and has had a successful career, rising to domestic success at a very young age for a heavyweight. Hide has twice won the lesser regarded (at the time) WBO heavyweight title.

His career began in 1989 with a second round win and he racked up a total of 25 successive wins, all but one inside the distance. His level of opposition was respectable and included fighters such as Craig Petersen, Mike Dixon, Jeff Lampkin, James Pritchard, Jean Chanet, Jerry Halstead and Everett Martin