Dele Ige, Slain ex Justice Minister Bola Ige brother dies at family party

    Bola Ige: Assassinated while serving the nation

    Sir Dele Ige, the younger brother of the slain Nigeria’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Chief Bola Ige, is dead.

    The Ibadan-based businessman reportedly slumped on Saturday during a family celebration and  all efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.

    He was said to be setting to make an address to a gathering guests  when he slumped and lost consciousness. He never recovered.

    When Sunday Vanguard called Muyiwa Ige, the son of the former minister,  who is the Commissioner for Lands and Physical Planning in Osun State, he confirmed his  uncle’s death but added that he did not have the details.

    Muyiwa Ige said, “I can confirm that he is dead. But that is all that I can tell you for now. I heard that he slumped and died while trying to deliver a birthday speech. I am on my way to Ibadan. I can’t say much until I get to his residence.’’

    When he was called about an hour later, he said, “But I can say that his death marked the end of a lineage of Ige family because he was the last man.”

    When asked further what could have killed Sir Ige, he added, “ I am just getting to Ibadan now  from Osun State. All I was told was that he slumped at my cousin’s birthday, Akin Ige. He slumped when he stood up to speak. That is what I have for now. I will soon go to his residence and see things for myself”.

    Akin Ige was said to be celebrating his 60th birth anniversary in Ibadan when the incident happened.

    When he slumped, the late  Ige,  was said to have been rushed to an undisclosed hospital where he was confirmed dead.

    His Senior Brother, Bola Ige, an accomplished legal practitioner and one time  Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Nigeria was murdered while in active service, when hired assassins visited his home in Ibadan just as he arrived from his base from Abuja.

    Source: SR