Diabetes: One in 10 adults in deprived parts of Britain Are Sufferers, New Figures Show


Your_Health_logoPeople in poverty-ridden areas of England are twice as likely to have diabetes than those in wealthier areas, according to new figures. The likelihood that  those in low live area having the high chance of having the disease has been alarmed in a report.

According to the reports, Brent in north London has the highest rate in the country, with 10.5 per cent of over-16s having the condition. This is almost double the rate in the City of London (5.5 per cent), which has England’s lowest rate despite being just three miles from Brent.

According to analysis by the charity Diabetes UK, the vast majority of cases are of Type 2 diabetes, which is linked to unhealthy lifestyles and obesity.

Barbara Young, the charity’s chief executive, said: “It is truly alarming that there is now somewhere in England where more than one in 10 of the people have diabetes and shows that we are heading at frightening speed towards a future where diabetes becomes the norm.”

-The  Independent