Diaspora Africans Urged To Explore Current Africa’s Economic Fortunes

LAGOS, NIGERIA - JULY 15: A detail of some Nigerian Naira,(NGN) being counted in an exchange office on July 15, 2008 in Lagos, Nigeria. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Diaspora Africans Urged To Explore Current Africa’s Economic Fortunes-A wake-up call has gone to Africans in the Diaspora to get engaged and explore the enormous business opportunities that are abound in the continent in order to fire-up the prospect of an economically viable and a life enhance business future in Africa.

Speaking in London recently, Mr Tunde Alabi,  the convener of African Partnership Development  urged Africans in the United Kingdom particularly to look back to their homeland continent and explore abundant business opportunities available in order to improve their personal economic fortunes rather than and create opportunities to reduce unemployment and ascend economic ladder.

He deplored a situation whereby many Africans are walloping in economic poverty abroad while opportunities unexplored are  abound in Africa..

Speaking at the 2015 annual African Partnership Development conference held in central London, Mr Alabi cited that despite many derogatory remarks made about Africa by many big nation, those nations still turns on the continent for thrie economic fortunes aa Africa in recent years has created their enhanced progress chat.

He said no big economy of the World can ever turn away from Africa’s resilience to World  economic melt downs as the continent creates a more business friendly environment learning from its ignorant past.

Africa Investment: Tunde Alabi on the floor of th Conference
Diaspora Africans Urged in Business Africa Investment: Tunde Alabi on the floor of th Conference

He urged Africans to kick-of an era of personal creativity business pursuit and better economic self-reliance to shun the culture of self-imprisonment in foreign land as they look to better life for themselves.

He urged tham to  embark on various investments and put their stamp on wealth creation in Africa creating business openings  and employment opportunities for many.

Mr Tunde Alabi in the past years as the convener of African Partnership Development has sensitised many business inclined Africans and foreigners through the same forum successfully holding the conference to encourage more investments in Africa.

“It is through engagement that competitiveness in international trade can favour the continent and the dream of right economic freedom and good position in the World business chat can be  achieved”, he said.

He advocated for a positive attitude towards business in Africa, adding that only a positive involvement in developmental drive for Africa can bring about result-oriented engagement so that the prospect of a well enhanced economy can be guaranteed in the African continent.

The theme of this years conference was titled “Exploring the opportunities of a strong emerging Market”

Mr Alabi urged Africans in the Diaspora to tap into the numerous opportunities of multi-billion Pounds business which are currently begging to be well tapped and explored for the benefit of a virile economy in Africa..

He said the time is now for Africa to wake up and advance to her economic advance realities and competiveness in intercontinental trade as competitions race economically through the World of business.

African Partnership Conference-A cross-section of participants at the 2015 African Partnership Conference
Diaspora Africans urged:Partnership Conference-A cross-section of participants at the 2015 African Partnership Conference

The one-day interactive conference was held at London’s Stock Exchange, in Central London, attracting tens of experienced business loyalists and many intending business hopefuls.

Responding to questions from aiinews.com , Mr Alabi who earlier had dazzled the audience with strings of  World economic chat which indicated that Africa is in the frontline of melt down resilience, cited also the cheap labour which may serve to the advantage of many investors.  According to him, China is gaining economic advantage today due to cheap labour and conducive economic atmosphere. He claimed Africa had learnt from China’s economic interest but needed more positive approach from the out side World so it can advance more, deploring the current big World bidder takes-it all exploitative foreign approach

According to him, the dynamism of of African’s emerging markets in its ability to be resilient during challenges and global crisis creates a plus point on why an assured market needed to be tapped by the right type of investors and business activists.

Among those in attendance were business chief executives, administrators and capital market enthusiasts.

He urged Africans in the United Kingdom to look back in their home continent and explore the rare opportunity of a resilient economic environment and embark on various investment and business opportunities.

“By 2020, the collective Gross Domestic Products of the emerging markets would overtake that of the developed economies, adding that in the next ten years, consumer spending in emerging markets is expected to grow three-fold faster than consumer spending in developed nations, reaching a total of $6triilion by 2020” he projected, adding that in prospect, there are opportunities awaiting future investor who will take the continent to its destined business promise land. He reminded that in 2013, GDP growth in Africa was an average of 4.8% and 5.3% in 2014 whereas, in the European Union, for the same period of 2013 Gdp was 1.0%, 1.3% in 2014 and a slight improved 2% in 2015.

According to him, asking if Africans would stand akimbo while the staring several opportunities would pass by without action, he said the time was ripe for Africans in the Diaspora to position themselves so they can tap a lifetime opportunities tapping into the lucrative African Market so they can enhance the prospect of economic advantage and reduce unemployment

He however emphasised that initially, there would be challenges as in every other business ventures across the World,  this should not serve as a dissuading factor  as those who would grap the opportunity stand to make a difference.

Alabi said the dream of an economic liberation of Africa from the claws of exploiters must be achieved and for today’s generation and many more generations to come.

Mr Alabi claimed that African cannot have enormous resources and still begin to wallow in poverty, go around the World as economic refuge and parade as second class citizens in other countries like Europe and America where their leaders take the bull by the horn through economic policy that favours their land and giving our opportunities to the citizenry for investments breakthrough.