Diaspora bids farewell to Yar’Adua as London Embassy opens condolence register

Yar'Adua on last journey home
Yar'Adua on last journey home

Reactions to the death of former President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua have been that of indifference as EMNnews was seeking for comments yesterday from Nigerians in the Diaspora.

The announcement of the former President’s departure to the world beyond on Wednesday was met with shock but reserved views as not many were convinced that he had just passed away as has been announced.

However, it was confirmed from London office of the Nigeria  Embassy yesterday that many people are calling to request for  the condolence register.

Sources at the  Embassy claimed activities were partially suspended as top level meetings were held for most of the day.

The low zeal of work however was adduced to the seven days of mourning declared by the Federal government.

The Embassy yesterday was putting in place final arrangement for the provision of a condolence register which will be made available  at the Embassy, on Friday May 7 . The register will open at 10am and  it would be available for three working days closing on Tuesday evening.

It will be available on both the Embassy reception and in the main bowl of the Embassy premises.

Many who had been saddened by the untimely departure had sympathised with the family and prayed that the soul of the Ex- President be given eternal rest.

There had been no enthusiasm about reactions as many had seen the farewell ceremony bequeath the former President as sheer formalisation and official announcement to the world.

Yar'Adua, a well focussed leader taken away by nature
Yar'Adua, a well focussed leader taken away by nature

“ It’s hard to sieve  the truth from falsehood by this government  considering events in the last few months. A situation whereby the former Deputy was shielded from the President speaks volume that there is a major cover up. What we are seeing now is sheer formalisation of the exit of the former President” a concerned Nigeria said in London yesterday.

“Thank God Nigeria is moving on but the scars remain as the nation has been perceived  by the outside world as a nation of political tricksters”, commented Oluseyi Arobade while responding to questions from EMNnews.com

Many who responded to EMNnews shared Mr Arobade’s views showing no enthusiasm about the burial event.

He claimed: “All we saw was only a packed sleeping bag and there was no lying –in –state ceremony to honour him before departure for burial.

“Did you see the face of the former President exposed at all to convince us all? We are no fools. Even if they acted with the truth, we have lost confidence in this government”, another respondent said.

Many spoke well of the former leader as a kind, forthright and well fore-sighted personality who would have left no chance to reshape Nigeria if given the opportunity.

“I love his simple nature. He was not used to speaking  much but he had focus and intentions which were well laid out. Imagine how he handled the situation in the Delta regions”,  Cecilia Chike said, praying for the soul of the leader to be granted eternal rest.

Social affairs write, Latty Rahman said in his text to EMNnews.com; “He has finally gone to rest from the machinations Rouletting of the cabal”

EX- Presidents wife and families.
EX- Presidents wife and families.

The Chairman of Nigerians In  the Diaspora Organisation Europe(NIDOE), Dr Alistair Soyode in his reaction said: “Late Yar’Adua came as a hope for the nation. He was a gentle giant ready to change the course of the nation but as we saw it , it was not to be. His contribution towards giving back will remain with us for ever. We pray that God will guide the nation in this period, especially our Golden Jubilee year.

“We are totally sympathetic towards the family and sympathetic towards our dear nation”

From Spain, Elijah Shosore  said the Nigerian community met the news of the Presidents death with sober reflections considering the agony he went through in the last months of his life.

Another respondent, Femi Babalola , who just declared his Presidential ambition described the former President as a unique character who would have moved Nigeria forward. He prayed for God to rest his soul in perfect peace