Doomday Looms As America, Britain Are Set To Bomb Syria


Doomday Loom As America, Britain Are Set To Bomb Syria- Russian officials on Tuesday expressed fears that  the Middle East could be on the verge of a major catastrophie as United States and her  military allies are warming up to embark on a planned  military onslaught  on Damascus, the Syrian capital.

 The planned West Military attack is aimed to incapacitate the Syrian government led by Bashir Assad.

Russia has  hit back at the United States as  Secretary of State John Kerry warned Monday that the Syrian government would face consequences for last week’s alleged chemical weapons attack, though evidences have been sketchy that Syrian government was behind the chemical attack on some locations around Syria.

A statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday warned of “catastrophic consequences” for Syria and the region if the United States and its allies intervene. It also expressed “serious disappointment” after the United States announced it would back out of a meeting this week with Russian officials to plan a long-delayed peace conference.

That conference seems a long way off now. A main Syrian opposition group reportedly said that it would not attend peace talks after last week’s attack.

Since the alleged chemical attack Wednesday near Damascus, Russia has joined the Syrian government in casting doubt on disturbing videos posted online of the aftermath, showing rows of dead bodies without visible trauma wounds or blood and survivors shaking uncontrollably.

Kerry andLavrovThe Foreign Ministry reiterated such doubts today, accusing the West of creating “artificial unfounded pretexts” as an excuse to get involved militarily.

The possibility of Western military intervention into the Syrian conflict has spooked the Russian government, which is one of the few remaining backers of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, a longtime ally.

But beyond its own interests, Russian officials have repeatedly voiced concerns that Western intervention would only further destabilize the region. On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov suggested that the United States and its allies were behaving recklessly. He repeatedly drew comparisons to the U.S.-led operations in Iraq and Libya, which he said spread extremism and violence to neighboring countries.

Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s deputy prime minister, offered a more colorful analysis.

“The West behaves in the Islamic world like a monkey with a grenade,” he tweeted in Russian.

Russian officials have also suggested that the evidence of the Assad regime’s responsibility for the attack was falsified much like the faulty intelligence that the Bush administration cited as justification for its invasion of Iraq in 2003.

One unnamed Russian diplomat was quoted by Russia’s Interfax news agency calling Kerry’s pointed remarks “blatantly very pompous.”

“It strongly resembled a certain period a decade ago, when such over-the-top enthusiasm on the part of American administration representatives was running high in an attempt to prove that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” the official is quoted saying. “It is well known what happened as a result of this enthusiasm.”

United Kingdom parliament has been recalled early and will meet on Thursday to discuss the next action and strategies to carry out an attack on Syria.

The Parliament will discuss on any future action and  vote on the UK’s response to the alleged attack.

David Cameron’s spokesman said that the prime minister believes the chemical weapons attack, in which as many as 1,729 people are reported to have been killed, is “absolutely abhorrent” and that the international community must respond.

He went on to say that Britain is considering a “proportionate response”, and that it is reasonable to assume that Britain’s armed forces are making contingency plans on how to respond.

doomsdayNo decisions on military action have been taken, and the spokesman said Britain will wait for evidence being gathered by a team of United Nations inspectors in the area, before making any decision.

“Any decision taken will be taken under a strict international framework,” he said, adding: “In terms of end-game, this is about looking at how we deter the use of chemical weapons because this is something that is completely abhorrent and against all international law.

“This is about deterring the use of chemical weapons.”

MPs were due to return to parliament from summer recess on 2 September.

Sources: abc, channel4news