Dora Akunyili: So Queenly adorable, result of loyalty to motherland and not to godfathers.

Dame Dora Akunyili.
Dame Dora Akunyili.

Former Information Minister  Professor Dora Akunyili has retained her portfolio as the nation’s Minister of Information and Communication given the opportunity to serve  under  Acting President Goodluck Jonathan.

She has joined the new members of the Cabinet after a grueling and agonising screening, single out for such result of her loyalty to a nation she so much adore.

Dora has emerged a new face of the honest, sincere, loyal and patriotic Nigeria woman who through her genuine sense of purpose and direction has remained forthright in her quest for a fair and egalitarian society.

Dora’s rejection from the current Cabinet after she was picked by the Acting President as a member of his proposed team  could have spell a doom for the nation as Nigeria could have been percieved as a nation that relishes falsehood rather than sincerity of purpose and truthfulness.

We salute  our great nation as she skipped this tag with the reinstatement of our darling Dora who once again through her patriotic activities has given many generations coming hope of a very fair and honest society.

Akunyili’s  nomination did not come by accident and neither did it come by political lobby or source of super-lord pacification as is the case all the time with Nigerian polity. This had been demonstrated  as had happened in the case of many whose names were included in the current Cabinet, having made the nation once again witness another era of family cabinet with some touch of public eye-service balancing.

Dora under the last dispensation and ministerial make -up of Yar’Adua distinguished herself as a very passionate, well-wishing and a worthy Ambassador for the country. She exhumes glamour, patriotism , culturism, devotion and  loyalty.

She championed the Nigeria rebranding effort, which she held to the last day even as many across the world saw the effort as a waste of time and resources which it eventually turned to be.

She held up to her own as she sought a new tag and identity for the country in desperate efforts to shed off the old tag of the nation being  perceived by the outside world as corrupt , inept and crime riddled.

She remained unbowed to the cause even in the face of glaring failure with her self conviction that Nigerians are good  people  and the nation-a great country.

She was uncompromising  even in the face of serious humiliation and threat to her job by many enemies of the nation and servant of retrogression. These traits today have endeared Dora  to millions across the world as a loyal citizen in a country whose leadership top cadre has remained morally bankrupt and spiritually unrepentant.

Good name according to an old saying is better than riches. No doubt that Dora Akunyily has kindled a hope for coming generation of politicians and that all is not lost afterwards as she has kept her good name as a true Nigerian. She was once lost in the last cabinet but eventually had her eyes opened with realities about Nigeria. She retraced her steps.

Nigerians once again have demonstrated that they are no ingrates; that if  they see a worthy national hero they will appreciate and celebrate without any iota of objection. Dora has proved herself to be worthy of celebration.

Dora has singled herself out as a selfless politicians, a worthy Ambassador capable of serving the nation better on international capacity. She will be under -utilised under the current dispensation  if she fails to serve as  cultural and tourism Minister for our dear nation once again.

We implore our newly nominated ministers to please take a cue from Dora Akunyili and build a good name for themselves for the sake of their future political career and generations of Nigerians living and yet unborn.

While we wish our troubled Acting President a better and fruitful days ahead as he wrestles with oppressors and agents of doom who have characterised our political life for long, it is sure that Dr Goodluck Jonathan would soon witness a divine triumph of truth over falsehood.

Author, Good people, Great nation.
Author, Good people, Great nation.

There is no doubt,  those enemies of progress would soon be shamed and brought to a stand still by the divine power of God and the spirit of those who fought tooth and nail to see our nation free from foreign intruders-We mean  those past heroes whose spirit refuse to sleep seeing our nation being sold out to invisible enemies within the nation and outside.

Wishing the new Cabinet members a successful tenure of office, as they take the batons to lead the nation to a different level of self  re -discovery and development.

To our Dora, more grease to your elbow. Long live NIGERIA.

By: Fatai Ogunribido.