Dora explores with Anambra politics as Professor Akunyili exits Jonathan’s government


Information Minister, Dora Akunyili has bowed out of President Goodluck Jonathan’s government to join a rival party, APGA, a move she claimed was aimed at setting a goal of preparing a better future for younger generations pursuing a fresh political career in her home Anambra State.

Since the departure of ex President Umaru Yar’Adua, and eventual ascendancy of the Presidency by Goodluck Jonathan, Dora has been unusually docile, a posture many saw as towing the instructions of the ruling PDP in the aftermath of her active stance on the eve of ex President Yar’Adua’s departure. She had stood strongly against certain actions of PDP stakeholders  who held the nation into ransom, game-playing the nation for several months.

She now wants to pick up a ticket as a senatorial candidate under  APGA, exploring her political weight with the very vengeful and hot Anambra politics.

Her recent posture in the government has been contrary to her usual candour;   outspoken stance  and passionate  crave for accountability, openness and transparency in governance.

She had established her self as a leader with  love for positivity and genuine service to the nation, craving for the truth and open door discharge of political duties as a public  servant.

She dazzled the world with her open anger expressed  about the activities of PDP  as the party engaged in political game play when ex President Yar’Adua laid sick in Saudi Arabia Hospital just before his eventual death.

She denounced the entire country being played on by PDP stakeholders, as party cabal who  held the entire country into ransom with make beliefs and lies pursuing a personal agenda did their act with derision.

In recent times, there have been speculations about  Dora’s political future, especially  with her link to APGA.

She had been widely  speculated  over the weekend as getting set to quit Jonathan’s cabinet.

Informations filtered round that she had been promised a seat in the senate by Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State.

The carrot was an APGA’s senatorial ticket for the Anambra Central Senatorial district.

However, it had been speculated that her distance from the main core of Anambra politics earned her the governorship primary candidacy quest, loosing to Ex Central Bank Governor, Professor Charles  Soludo. Now, she has arrived in Anambra at the  centre stage  of her people’s political future.

Professor Akunyili had visited the National Communication Commission [NCC] last week, quotes as telling the executive staff that she was on a farewell visit and that she wiould be resigning by the middle of this week.

Akunyili was at the centre stage of campaigns to install President Jonathan following the death of the former president, seeking for the upholding of Federal constitutional provision .

Following the ascension of Jonathan to the seat of Presidency, her stock with the presidency dwindled. The aides to the President saw Dora Akunyili as a threat and thus moved to silence her.

Dora-Akunyili: Cabal took on her stance for Constitutional upholding!

Competent sources also said Akuniyili was also not happy that the special Adviser to the President on media Ima Niboro has taken over her responsibilities.

In her valedictory address to the Federal Executive Council on Wednesday Mrs Akunyili had thrown the bombshell:”Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, and esteemed colleagues with whom I have formed a family — some of you for the past two years and others for a lesser period of time.  I wish to humbly inform Council that I am resigning from the Cabinet with effect from tomorrow, 16th December, 2010”

Details of Professor Akunyili’s address to NEC:


Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, and esteemed colleagues with whom I have formed a family — some of you for the past two years and others for a lesser period of time.  I wish to humbly inform Council that I am resigning from the Cabinet with effect from tomorrow, 16th December, 2010.

Today is therefore a very emotional day for me in Council. This is because I have been so closely bonded to most of you that my departure is like leaving a family. My heart is so heavy because in this Council, I have found comfort and friendship.

However, having reflected over the years about events in Nigeria and in particular my state, Anambra, I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed a defining moment in my life when I should make the sacrifice of leaving a comfortable place to go to a difficult terrain in order to build a better place for our children.

Anambra State Map

I have, therefore, decided to join my Governor, Mr. Peter Obi, who is doing a great job in continuing to build Anambra State as an APGA Senator. In this regard, I intend to pick the nomination form today to run for the office of Senator Representing Anambra Central Senatorial District in the National Assembly.

As I take this step, I solicit for your prayers and other forms of support. I am making this request because you are my people and my immediate constituency.  Yes, my colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry are still my people but I have virtually exhausted my goodwill with them in the service of our dear Country, especially in support of the Re-branding Nigeria project.

Many drug manufacturing companies spent over N10 million for the Re-branding Nigeria materials because they desperately wanted me to succeed. Therefore, it is you and only you that I can now run to for support. Please, I plead with each and everyone of you to sow a seed to my political career, you will never regret it. In the words of President Jonathan, I will never let you down. Yes, I will be in the senate by the grace of God for my constituency and for the nation but you can be sure that I will also be there for you.

Mr. President, I am deeply grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to serve our dear Country as Minister of Information and Communications. I am equally grateful for the co-operation which you, the VP and my Cabinet colleagues extended to me in the course of my duties, without which I would not have succeeded. Mr. President, I will never forget the encouragement you gave me through phone calls, text messages, e.t.c. when I was in NAFDAC during that fight for life. Mr. Vice President, you always call me your sister, please continue to call me your sister.

I wish Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, and other Council members who may wish to contest in the 2011 elections success in this regard. I pray that this Council succeeds to the end and that many of you continue as Council members after May 2011.

I leave you with love and fond memories. Thank you and God bless you all.


  1. I find Kate’s comments quite repulsive because if Nigeria had leaders like Akunyili, then Nigeria would have been sanitised a long time ago.She was a stalwart and today Nigerians can be sure that their medicines are realy what they say they are.

    Wish every national figure could hold their fortress as she did, then there is hope for Nigeria.

  2. @ George Henshaw…did I hear you saying “if Nigeria had leaders like Akunyili, then Nigeria would have been sanitised a long time ago”?

    Oh common, Dora is not the kind of women leader that can effect positive changes in Nigeria politics. Yah she did well while in NAFDAC but that was the end of her brilliance! She flirted and romanced the very best in corruption and mismanagement during her time as the Info Minister. What has been the outcome of her so-called “Rebranding Nigeria Project”? Just like the people that came before her, she used the project to raise funds for herself and her crooks!

    I will always rank Dr. (Mrs) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala above her…because unlike Dora, Okonjo-Iweala reprojected Nigerian economy and redeemed our image in the eyes of the world. She’s my woman of all time!