Dr Nasir Ahmed, London-Based African Youths Education Motivator Wins Nigeria Arise Award Nomination

Dr Nasir Ahmed delivering a speech
Dr Nasir Ahmed delivering a speech recently

Dr Nasir Ahmed, London-Based African Youths Education Motivator Wins Nigeria Arise Award Nomination-The much awaited Nigeria Arise Dinner & Awards is to hold on Saturday August 30th 2014 as organizers have confirmed all is now set for the special occasion which is taking place in central London.

Many well achieved Nigerians and friends of Nigeria have been revealed as nominees and recipients who will grace the event with dignitaries from Nigeria and from across the World having arrived for the occasion.

Among this year’s nominee is Pakistani-born Dr Nasir Ahmed, the London-based leading educationist and youths motivator whose tutorial college has served as a spring board for many Nigerian youths, achieving higher education and securing admission into leading Universities in the United Kingdom through high academic performance.

According to records, the perceived highly academic Imafidon family which holds one of the best results in Mathematics has their academic roots to North London based BEST TUTORS tutorial college, where their names appeared on the list of brilliant students.

According to records, many other Nigerian youths with  similar trait of academic excellence and achievements  have passed through Dr Ahmed’s Tutorial college, where special education services are given to hundreds of students from across various communities.  African children form a large part of those attending the tutorial college. Many have enjoyed the benefit of good education and many with excellent records in Universities across UK  were given knowledge and admission opportunities with  high grade result courtesy of Dr Ahmed’s tutorial college.

Nigeria Arise Awards categories this year will recognizes the most progressively advance states in Nigeria which in recent years pride itself as leading other states in academic pursuits and developmental drives.

According to a member of the organizing committee, the Awardees have been x-strayed and seen to lead others in provision of modern equipment for the future advancement of youths in both primary and secondary schools.

Diaspora Conference convener  Alistair Soyode
BEN TV Chief Executive  Alistair Soyode; ” All is now set for Nigeria Arise Award”

Other beneficiaries are leading actors in the private sectors who have been exemplary in terms of customer services and product branding.
Many non-government backed organizations with track record of achievement are also being honoured especially for their services in human development and service to humanity.

Among the nominees are NGOs executives and personalities who had been noted for their contribution for transformation of lives and helping others in higher achievement.

More than 300 top personalities and professionals are expected to grace Saturday’s occasion. Among them are Former Vice Presidential Candidate Pastor Tunde Bakare, Governors of Akwa Ibom, Kaduna and Ogun States; The Innoson Group, African High Commissioners/European Ministers; global sporting icon gold medalist.

Every other year, Nigeria Arise in conjunction with BEN Television celebrate corporate institutions and individual personalities that have contributed towards the development of their Career, Community and Country; Promoting Nigeria’s enterprise, People and values socially, economically and politically through better leadership, management and provision of good governance.

As a recognition and award platform, the Nigeria Arise Award thrives from citizen’s nominations and reasons for nominating. This year’s categories took into consideration many challenges Nigeria had faced in recent years and the attending open opportunities and the power of inspiration, motivation and empowerment that are behind their contribution in promoting Nigeria in their professions and careers.

Niger Flag: Flying higher
Nigeria Flag: Flying higher

Others categories are in: Governance, NGO, Leadership, National Development, Sports, Media, Entertainment, Business, etc. to mention few.
Among the special hosts of this year’s awards are Ambassadors from African Countries and Europe and Nigeria’s Special Ambassador.
Comedy on the night is provided by Julius Agwu and Ali Baba and music by a Live Band.
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-Fatai Ogunribido reporting