Drug ingestion: Not a joking matter as Baba Suwe appears in Lagos Court on judge request

    Baba Suwe: @Not a joking matter as contraction continues'

    As a Lagos High Court  gears up in readiness for the most  thrilling comedy extravaganza  between National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and popular actor Babatunde Omidina(aka Baba Suwe),  Nigeria’s commercial city, Lagos is about to witness history.

    Thousands of Lagosians are bracing up for a comedy showcase with teeming fans of the comedian pledging to make a date with the court on Tuesday morning. It may be the largest crowd ever turnred for a single case in Nigeria’s litigation matters


    Many Nigerians have expressed support for the comedian, who has been a guest of NDLEA for almost 20days, expecting to deliver what is believed to be hard drug lodged in his big belly. But  the comedian has disappointed  his captors as nothing incriminating is yet to be found

    But NDLEA insists that what several rounds of scanning have revealed  in the stomach of the funny man are layers of hard drugs cleverly wrapped and professionally ingested, and which is being expected to be excreted. But NDLEA wat more time spent with them as a special guest, the most celebrated ever in the history of NDLEA.

    Apparently bowing to court order compelling it to present the comedian before it,  NDLEA will present Baba Suwe to a Lagos High Court on Tuesday, at least to put to rest  rumours that the funnyman had kicked the bucket.

    The agency still insists that  their special guest is ‘pregnant’ and will definitely give birth to layers of stored balls of narcotics which was expected to be exported to France almost 20 days ago. The prolonged saga has been trivialised making the allegation which had been hyped across the media world to lose value.

    Baba’s  Suwe’s circumstances  has broken many records as he had spent longer days than any arrested suspect with drugs still confirmed  to be ‘kicking’ and well in place in his stomach.

    Many had wondered if it is true why the drugs have not busted in his tummy to created more panic of NDLEA as it could be charged for  murder.

    However, NDLEA has self conviction that  whatever is lodged in Baba Suwe’s stomach will come out as long as the agency is allowed to carry out the business it is created to discharge.

    Already, a  sum of one Billion Naira compensation has been sought by Omidiran’s lawyers, with the agency accused of illegal detention, blackmail and causing bodily arm to the comedian, described as having a chronic ailment of diabetics.

    NDLEA through its Public Affairs spokesperson, Mitchell Ofoyeju, consistently has claimed the scan machines  which had caught Baba Suwe have more tha 98% accuracy.

    But after almost 20 days of observation, there has been no evidence as medical and legal experts continue to ask why Baba Suwe’s circumstance has defiled so many drug cases record, having been hold his life together after such a long stay with NDLEA.

    Baba Suwe

    Meanwhile, as the case appears on Tuesday at the court, experts are rumouring that the copurt may free Baba Suwe in an apparent safe face for the NDLEA, who may have acted on information and are trying to save its face in an impending humiliation and embarrassment for the Agency.

    Another source hinted that the court may seek for an independent test and wait for the result before he would be left off the hook.

    Already, the comedian family had been given the chance of producing independent scan expert in order to draw home its claim..

    However, as the comedy goes on in a roller coaster of a ‘thriller treat’ for millions across the world, the current scenario may be a blessing in disguise if eventually the jester is found to have been framed and nothing incriminating is discovered at the end of the day, which may now expose the agency  as having acted on share information rather than on scan detection that  it has claimed to put its claim on.