Edo Governor Oshiomhole’s Message Of Death To A Street Hawking Widow… Apologises


Edo Governor Oshiomhole’s Message Of Death To A Street  Hawking Widow… Apologises-Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has admitted he goofed and went over the boards when he told-off a Benin woman on the street to go and die.

The verbal condemnation and induced death sentencing of a woman hawking her wares on a Benin road has angered many women with threats that international human rights organization could be alerted to take the message more seriously and seek for an apology and rehabilitation for the down trodden woman.

Oshiomhole had uttered in the presence of many onlookers in his usual assertive posture: “You can  go and die”, as the woman pleaded for pardon, knowing she had broken the law against hawking in Edo State.

“That was the worst humiliation and summary induced life sentence a woman can ever get, a human rights activist decried in London.

The message seen as  very offensive and depriving  to a helpless widow scavenging for a living has served as a public relations disaster for governor Oshiomhole as opposition parties in the state are taking it up to score political points.  Opposition Peoples Democratic Party (Edo State chapter), cashed in on the campaign by donating N250,000 to the widow.

The governor since assumption of office  has been appraised for his love for the downtrodden and swift activism having impacted on the state as a progressive governor upturning many years of lack of achievement  by the former PDP government in the state.

His follow-up apology after the street harassment is not being taken serious as many believed the woman needed a better life ans should be compensated by the government for the humiliation met with her in the presence of hundreds of onlookers.

The incident had happened as the governor was on an inspection mission of many on-going contracted project in Edo state.

The smartly dressed governor was seen on the online video leading a large team of officials to the projects sites, came across the hawking and nagging her in verbal assault an as the crying woman, who was on her knees pleaded for pardon. In response, the governor uttered: “go and die.”

OshiomholeThe incident was videotaped and uploaded to the Internet and widely-circulated to social media activists, including .

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) has reported that the governor apologized to a delegation of Muslim women of the  Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria (FOMWAN), which visited his office at the weekend  and explained that he made his comment in anger and now he has regretted it, denoting he might have apologized  to the woman herself.

Meanwhile, several  groups set up an online campaign to raise money for the poor woman to enable her set up a business in Benin City.  Even the opposing Peoples Democratic Party (Edo State chapter), cashed in on the campaign by donating N250,000 to the widow.

“That the poor widow whose wares hardly aggregate N5,000 has flouted the state law is not in doubt. In most cities, government forbids displaying wares on major roads, and this, to ensure smooth flow of traffic. Such obtains in Lagos, Benin, Ibadan and most urban cities.

Law enforcement officials such as KAI in Lagos have the duty to ensure compliance although residents believe that the officials are often high-handed in their approach.

“However, in this case, the utterances of Gov Adams Oshiomhole of Edo state has called to question the attitude of those in government as the Edo’s No 1 citizen, and servant of his people, lashed out at the erring but poor widow.”You are a widow, go and die” is one statement too insensitive and uncouth to say” opined a angry respondent in Sahara Reporters.