Egypt protest: Warning signals to other world dictators, says Senator John Kerry

Senator John Kerry

American Congress man and Democrats party bigwig,  Senator John Kerry has said the on –going  protests sweeping across Egyptian big cities are signals to many other sit tight rulers across the world- indicating that the Egypt experience is a danger  sign that times were up for eras of dictatorship.

He implied that many leaders  wanting to stay on for life  should be weary of their plans and expect  similar reactions from their citizens.

He however saw the ongoing protest as a natural reaction from the public whose disenchantment might have engendered the protest.

He said protests should be viewed from the perspectives of a people  looking for positive change and not as acts of confrontation towards the government.

He was making reference apparently to many African sit tight leaders who with violence have resisted changes through the use of force repelling  call for  changes through peaceful protests.

The Democrat politician however advised that protests should not be viewed by governments as acts of  violence and therefore should not be met with suppression or violence, but rather with keen interest in identifying the problems  of the people and attending to those problems  with ease.

He was reacting to News presenters questions on Cable News Networks(CNN) as the Egypt protest attained a higher crescendo and many more are joining in the protests across the country.

Senator Kerry implied there was need for attitudinal change by governments towards the governed warning that unless citizens are treated with fairness,  resistance may also remain  inevitable.

He however warned that the recent spate of protests in some countries  across the world may serve as  signals for people’s readiness to take initiatives for positive change across the world,  urging that leaders should be more modest in dealing with confrontations from the people and that they should oblige their calls  and do their.

In a similar light on Saturday, Senator Kerry called on the t Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to respond to the concerns of his people and their issues, days after anti-government protests rocked the country.

“The key here is for President Mubarak to respond to the needs of his people in a way that is more directly connected to their frustrations,” the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee told The Associated Press Saturday on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum.

President Ghadafi and some African leaders

“I think he’s got to speak more to the real issues that people feel,” Kerry added. “Dismissing the government doesn’t speak to some of those challenges.”

Asked if Mubarak should step down in a bid to calm the growing protests, Kerry said it was not his place to say.

“I think you first have to sit down and have a discussion with him on the future of Egypt,” Kerry told the AP. “I’m not going to call for that in a newspaper, but we’ve got to have those conversations.”

Kerry’s comments came just minutes after Egyptian state television reported that the Cabinet of Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif had resigned on Mubarak’s orders.

Former U.N. secretary-general Kofi Annan, also present at the meeting, said the demands of change being sought by the protesters likely cannot be stopped.

African union

“It is obvious that people are demanding change and reform, and this demand for change, I don’t think it will be stoppable,” he said.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rassmusen said that EU ministers will meet on Monday to discuss Egypt.