Election 2011: “Our destiny in our hands as a nation”, says Dele Momodu


Nigeria stands to regain her rightful place in the world if given the right type of leadership- and that influential place would be attained only within months if the right type of leadership grabs power in the next election.

According to the Publisher of OVATION magazine and  Presidential aspirant in the next election, Chief Dele Momodu, the misfortune befalling Nigeria is self inflicted and it is only the people who can lift off those disgraceful burdens of underdevelopment, hunger, squalor, lack of electricity, appalling state of both Federal and state roads networks, adding, “ It is unfortunate that Nigeria’s misfortune is endless”

Hear him speak: “Nigeria is a world power in waiting. We have identified our problems as leadership crisis and what we have had in Nigeria for many years have been what I will call mediocre leadership. The opportunity is now knocking on the door to turn things around and this time, Nigeria cannot afford to fail as any attempt at failure will spell another doom”.

Bashorun Dele Momodu and the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth 11during an official visit
Bashorun Dele Momodu and the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth 11during an official visit

Chief Momodu was reacting recently to reports that Nigeria’s economy would hit double-digit growth by the end of 2011 or early 2012 as predicted by the country’s finance minister, Olusegun Aganga.

The nation’s Finance Minister had offered the prediction after Nigerian economy grew by more than 7% in the first half of this year despite its sleeping nature in the face of lack of foreign investments and with the closure of many industries and other existing ones relocating to neighbouring countries due to lack of infrastructural facilities, especially power generation.

“What we have seen is an understatement as Nigeria is a well blessed nation with abundant resources. Our hope will be rekindled as we face the next election and I can say  now that  our destiny is in our hands as we face 2011 election”.

“The time is now to exhume all our lost fortunes that  those selfish leaders have buried and In Sha Allah, we will make it and recapture the real Nigeria.”

Dele and Sen. Ita Giwa
Dele and Sen. Ita Giwa

Mr Momodu was responding to questions from EMNnews.com recently during his brief visit to London where he had attended an International engagement.

Chief Momodu days earlier had attended the much publicised Nigeria Arise Award where he claimed he had answered the call of true Nigerians being recognised for their positive contribution towards the nation’s development.

To the applauds of over 500 guests who attended the awards ceremony, Bashorun Momodu relayed his love for the nation, regretting that 50 years after Independence, the nation had remained stagnant due to the unpatriotic action of many past leaders.

“Nigeria is the greatest country on the face of the planet. For several years, I have grumbled and complained and even cried inside me. But for how long would I continue to grumble and complain”, he said, claiming his avowed  passion for the country and the innate pain he had felt for long was the reason why he decided to run for the Presidency, come year 2011.

He enjoined Nigerian youths to take up the challenges of retrieving the fortunes and glory of the country from recycled vultures who continue to stalk  the nation’s progress through sabotaging of  her progress.

“I am widely travelled and very much exposed. And I keep asking myself, why are we getting it wrong all the time?”

“Last year, an African country Head of State  I visited his country confessed to me that the whole Africa is heart broken because of the situation with Nigeria. He said adding that If Nigeria gets it right, the entire Africa will get it right” he said.

Chief Momodu thanked Nigerian youths for their relentless efforts at salvaging Nigeria from the abyss of destruction by the self styled recycled rulers, who today stand guilty in the conscience of every positive Nigerian

“There is hope that if Nigerian youths continue to impact on the nation, changes would be imminent”, he said, urging them to take th next election very seriously and use it to change the fortune through casting votes for the right candidate.

Saluting the courage and gallantry of elder statesman   Dr Bamanga Tukar who for long had taken back stage after retiring from politics and pursuing his Pan- African goals, Chief Momodu querried: “ Why cant other Nigerian leaders follow Dr Tukur by retreating from active politics with dignity and contribute from the background and remain relevant to national development rather than seeking power till they approach their grave”