Election 2011: Tremor hits PDP campaign camp as Babangida declares support for Nuhu Ribadu as next President


Mallam Nuhu Ribadu
Former military dictator and 2011 presidential dreamer has caused a stir in the People’s Democratic Party’s camp by declaring open support for anti corruption crusader, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu.

Babangida unceremoniously ditched his support for People’s Democratic Party by ratifying the presidential candidature of Action Congress Mallam Nuhu Ribadu claiming the nation needed him at this point in time.

By his announcement last weekend, Babangida has indirectly offered a message of signed voters card to many voters in favour of Ribadu, urging voters to turn up en-masse to vote the former anti corruption crusader as the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Action Congress
Gen. Ibrahim Babangida’s endorsement of the presidential flagship of the Action Congress’ duo of Nuhu Ribadu and Fola Adeola has been seen in political circle as a major breakthrough for the ACN camp in the light of his(Babangida’s) political weight in the north and his high powered economic and social influence.

Babangida described the duo of Ribadu and Adeola as the pair that the country needs to turn its fortune around in this new era of young leaders emerging across the world.

The former political schemer ams master maneuverer made the statement when he hosted the ACN’s campaign train at his hilltop residence in Minna during the party’s rally in Niger State.

He said that the country needed the youths to assume leadership, adding: “I endorse generational change, which Ribadu and Adeola stand for. I have strong faith in them and I believe they can deliver.”

He expressed, cuddling the duo: “The fact is that the country needs people of your age to take over the leadership of the country. I believe we have to allow generational change, which the ACN candidate represents”.

“I endorse generational change, because the future is for the youth and we have to support them. That is why, I endorse and support Ribadu and Adeola. We have faith in them and we have hope in them.”

'Maradona' Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida
Ribadu was accompanied by the National Chairman of the party, Chief Bisi Akande and other chieftains of the party to the residence of the former dictator.


  1. I don’t think is news worthy that IBB endorsed Ribadu….Who is Babangida in today’s nigeria scheme of things,the guy is no longer relevant as per what’s on ground at the moment.Also,methinks,the guy is going senile because of the enormous evil he had perpetrated.Moreso,ACN leaders are bunch of strumpets,it amazed me that Akandes and Tinubus can flirt with IBB…Were they not Nadeco members,the avowed enemy of IBB..Anyway,is not surprising,I’ve seen it written on DANFO BUS in lagos ”NO PERSON”

  2. @ Alh.yemi Fagbamila…I think IBB still has influences on Nigerian politics and if you read the story very well…he did not directly state that he’s supporting Ribadu….all the man said is that “there is the need for a generational change to move Nigeria forward” ..That statement alone makes more sense and has done lots of damages to Buhari’s chances of ruling the country again. You might think IBB has no relevance in Nigeria simply because you in the south…but you dnt know what’s going on in the north…Northern Nigeria voters are the most fragile and probably “easily-controllable” voters and I bet they will listen to their elders and support their candidates more than the southerners do to their elders. They might be openly supporting GEJ but deep down in them, many will not vote for him as they will choose to support who their elders supported, and IBB is one of those elders they will listen to!!!