Election 2015: Goodluck Jonathan Is The Only Hope, Says Aide

On a new mission: Barrister Ahmad Gulak, Former President Jonathan Adviser on Political Affairs and cordinator GSG
Mr Ahmad Gulak, Jonathan Adviser on Political Affairs and cordinator GSG
Mr Ahmad Gulak, Jonathan Adviser on Political Affairs and cordinator GSG

Election 2015: Goodluck Jonathan Is The Only Hope, Says Aide-President Goodluck Jonathan has assured Nigerians that his determination to stand for 2015 election has remained stronger and has been  meant to enable him realize  his dreamed goal for the country. He claimed his regime has laid a good foundation in his first term in office and that the foundation and eventual building of a new nation must be completed.

Speaking through one of his aides at the weekend, the president said he was doing the obvious by standing for the election as the 1999 constitution provided for his second run in office, despite stiff opposition from some sections of the country who are determine to terminate his laudable vision for the nation’s future.

The special adviser to the  President on political affairs and the coordinator of Goodluck Support Group (GSG), Mr Ahmad Gulak who represented the president,  speaking in London claimed the nation has made no mistake in the choice of Jonathan as people have been following the right path of social and political emancipation in the past years.

He was addressing a teeming audience of Nigerians in the Diaspora who had thronged central London to have a glimpse of the president only to find out he had been represented by an aide.

The occasion had been put together to launch United Kingdom version of the Goodluck Support Group(GSG)  organised by the International Strategic Alliance(ISAC) at  Cafe Royal Hotel, Regents Street, Central London.

GSG Executive Members. Photo credit: Dare Lasisi
GSG Executive Members. Photo credit: Dare Lasisi

According to him, Nigeria as it stands today has no alternative to the president and his team of good planners.

Mr Gulak traced the history of how  some touts held the nation into ransom in the aftermath of the death of former President Umaru Yar’Adua when Jonathan was initially denied his constitutional rights refused to be sworn-in as crooks held the mantle of leadership and subverted constitutional provision, embarking in jungle administration of the nation for several months: “East to West and North to South, we are all Nigerians with same constitutional rights. We are all Nigerians and have equal rights to the presidency as provided by 1999 constitution. No one is a second class citizen”

According to him, Jonathan’s victory in 2011 election was a divine intervention, the result of which today has been transforming the nation’s political landscape.

“We at the PDP has sworn to the constitutional allegiance. Jonathan has the constitutional rights to re-election and therefore remains unstoppable,” he said.

He however delved a big a jab on the Nigerian opposition parties claiming it has pursued a wrong project in its desperate bid to grab power. He claimed the opposition has adopted so many names with same vision-less ideology  that has kept it out of power, adding  that adopting the new name APC wont serve as a magic wand  because the new party has been doomed from its inception. He advised that APC to change its characters if it wanted to put up a real challenge to Jonathan Goodluck in 2015.

Mr Golak claimed Good luck Jonathan’s government more than ever before has created a more conducive atmosphere for business investment in Nigeria. He  urged Nigerians in the diaspora to come home and  grab the unique opportunity of having a stabled  business set up.

He said it was unfortunate that so much bad information have filtered into the outside World about the current government, adducing the bad information to the handiwork of the opposition who want power at all cost.

President Jonathan
President Jonathan

He enjoined Nigerians to join President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign train and ensure his second term victory in 2015, adding only the president will lead Nigeria to the promise land of self realization and greatness.  He said Goodluck Jonathan’s Support Group was launched in order to kick-start  a new phase of second term campaign and asked all elders and youth in the diaspora to join the group as the trumpet for the forward match for Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election in 2015 is blowing.

“Come back home and join the train, he advised”


By Fatai Ogunribido