Embezzlement allegation is all a big joke, says AC UK leader, Ayo Owoade

AC UK Ayo Owoade
AC UK Ayo Owoade

Leader of Action Congress (National) United Kingdom  Chief Ayodele Owoade has claimed that there is no crisis in the party despite allegations of embezzlement and mismanagement of Party funds  which had been levelled against him.

Speaking to EMNnews.com over the weekend, Dr Owoade claimed the allegations had no basis and had been made by a power seeking  group who for long had seen nothing good in the activities of the party and its leadership.

He claimed  the party had grown beyond pettiness and want to work hard for progress and its power focus to ensure a very strong representation for the people.

Action Congress
Action Congress

“Action Congress UK national has remained unshakable as we are more focussed towards our goals as representative of the people. Our goal is to make good representation for our  nation and seek solutions to the myriads of problems confronting the nation’s polity at the moment”, claimed the party top-shot.

EMNnews.com recently reported that the top echelon of the party had engaged in accusations and counter accusations as a result of an alleged embezzlement. There had been thrown verbal brickbats and threat of court proceedings while the raging rancour has culminated in  series of personal vendetta.

“Naturally, we are all prone to disagreement as people in the  public glare. But such scores  should be settled amicably as people of  high stature and maturity, especially when we are looked upon as people’s leaders.

” We occasionally have to disagree to agree an so, I am  not disputing there had been no problems. Only that they are internal”, he said.

According to him: “As a well constituted authority on the political scene, Action Congress is open to criticism and corrections whenever necessary:”We are not autocratic. We are very democratic, so our activities as party leaders and members are open to public scrutiny if there is need for it. We are all accountable as long as we hold public and political offices and positions”.

That is why we all seek for a more credible people to lead our nation so that we can move forward”, the party stalwart continued.

code of coduct
code of coduct

He said  allegations should be made with openness and fairness, credibility and not crudity.

When asked to shed more light on the real issue of allegation of fraud, he said he didn’t want to go back because it is already a resolved issue:” I wont mention names since the issues have been resolved and records are there to check by all member of the party and many more who intend to be part of the party.

“Pointing accusing fingers is a sign of weak leadership. The account of the party is open for scrutiny as it  is open for all to see. The so called embezzlement allegation has been investigated by a combined special committee of Elders and National Working Committee. They have come out with a report which is open to all party members.

“Action Congress UK is waxing stronger and if anything, all blackmail effort against the party has resulted in positive gains as the party had gained more ground since, both here in the UK and back home in Nigeria. The accusation has been a blessing”.

The  Action Congress  UK leader  responding  to further questions from EMNnews.com at the weekend claimed the  allegation of impropriety against him had been politically motivated, claiming up till now, he has held no bitterness against anyone.

He continue: “The Elder Forum and Central Working Committee of Action Congress National UK have since cleared the air on the levelled offences which had been discovered to be in bad taste”, he said

However, a party publication ‘Action Congress UK news’, a newsletter of the Congress in its new edition claimed the party leader had been cleared of all allegations of impropriety levelled against the party’s leadership.

Contents in the newsletter said in part:”The Chairman of  Action Congress, UK Chapter , Chief (Dr) Ayodele Owoade was given a clean bill of health recently when a high powered joint meeting of the Elders Forum and the National Working Committee cleared him of all the allegations contained in a petition against him made by Remi Idowu”.

“It will be recalled that Mr Idowu  on the 23rd of March 2010 circulated a petition in which he alleged that Dr Owoade had embezzled  the party’s fund. In a reaction the NWC set up a committee to investigate the allegation and report back.

After an investigation that lasted seven weeks, The committee’s report was deliberated upon at the joint meeting of elders forum and  NWC  held Friday 14 May 2010.

The report found out that the allegation made by Remi Idowu were not substantiated and recommended that Dr  Ayo Owoade be cleared of any wrong doing.

“Following a deliberation that last over two hours., the joint meeting presided over by Engineer Don Anyiam, Deputy Chairman ratified the report of the investigation panel and  accepted its recommendation that the allegation against Dr Owoade be dismissed in their entirety”, the newsletter contain in parts.

The meeting went on to unanimously exonerated Dr  Owoade and declared he had no questions to answer.

“In his reaction, Dr Owoade thanked the committee for giving him a fair hearing. He enjoined all member to continue to work together and said he had no bitterness despite the embarrassment caused him and his position by the allegations”.