Emmanuel Adebayor: How Family Wants To Wreck My Career With Juju Craft

Emmanuel Adebayo and his mum

emmanuel-adebayor_1569417cEmmanuel Adebayor: How Family Wants To Wreck My Career With Juju Craft-International Football star and Togolese top striker Emmanuel Adebayor claims he is under a spell being caste on him by his family members. He has   accused his mother and sisters of resorting to juju spell as a way of catching his attention for favour and claimed he has been plotted against in  ‘juju’ spell so his property could be shared.

Speaking to an Accra based  Radio station, Peace Fm on Thursday while being asked to comment on his relationship with his family, especially ignoring his mother without communication for more than a year, the Nigerian parent born Togolese retorted:  “How can I talk to a mother who together with my sisters have been plotting juju against me?”

Adebayor in an earlier interview at the peak of his career in 1990 spoke to British newspaper the Daily Mail, claiming he was living for them so he could change their life for the better. He spoke  of his pride at representing his family internationally just as his career blossomed  in France. He claimed he was “playing for their sake.”  He had said then: “At the airport my mum said, ‘go to France and you can change the way this family lives.’ She knew that if I succeeded in football we could have a better life and finally get out of poverty. At 15 I wasn’t just playing for my own glory, I was playing for the sake of my family,” he had said

Adebayor’s sister had earlier revealed in a interview with Peace FM  that the Tottenham Hotspur player  had abandoned his family, leaving them in an impoverished state and had declined to answer any of the calls they had made to him for over a year.

“As at now, our mother is selling polythene bags, padlocks and other things on the [Ghana-Togo] border, she claimed.

Emmanuel-Adebayor-001According to her , their  mother had not seen him for more than a year and he rejects her calls every time: “Our mother is not calling him for his money, she just wants to see him because she loves him very much,” she said.

But Adebayor responding to the allegation on the radio station said in a sharp rebuttal: “They should stop talking and  talking. They should stop doing Juju on me; they should leave me alone:’I never sacked my mum from the house. She decided to leave the house.

‘How am I going to be in touch with my mum if my mum is the one telling everyone that my work will not go forward, so I will just be on my side and do my thing.

‘They should stop talking, they should stop doing Juju on me, they should leave me alone.

The International player his so called sister had benefited from his fortune claiming that she had let out a house he bought in East Legon for $1.2m taking the rent without his knowledge: “Can you imagine that sister went to rent the house without my knowledge”.

Responding to accusations from his family that he does not take care of his siblings, Adebayor said the rest of his siblings can work and take care of themselves including their mother and so “they should do that”.

He told Peace FM that his family has already shared all his belongings even though he is still alive. “They shared my houses, they shared my cars, they say if he dies this car is for you, this house is for you, can you imagine?” The 30-year-old, who was born to Nigerian parents, played in Togo’s 3-1 defeat against Ghana in Tamale on Wednesday.

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