England players plan grand style entrance into South Africa 2010with World Cup hint: ” Capellos can”

England World Cup hotel frontage
England World Cup hotel frontage

England seems to have a better hope in this year’s World Cup tournament as a feeling of optimism seems to permeate the air this season. There has been an atmosphere of  peace for the players and fans alike as low level pressure has been associated to the count down to the South Africa 2010.

One noticeable absence in this year’s count down to the  tournament as England prepare is lack of erstwhile over- hype pressure on the England players which previously has had negative effects.

Over-hype in the past had put the players under do-or die pressure which actually has  had devastating effect on the players put under extreme push and pressures. The indirect push had actually  affected the  players unconsciously and psychologically.

There has been a many years of disappointing feature as many previous hopes of clinging the coveted cup had remained elusive for long even though England has one of the best performance rating as great performers. But the cup has bee the main target.

This year may usher in an England’s year of hope and victory both in getting to the final as well as lifting the cup. Its possible.

England World Cup lounge
England World Cup lounge

Manager Fabio Capello has been speaking less and  has remained more focussed.

Former Manchester United player, Ruud Van Nistelrooy who analysed Capello, the man said: “If match makers such as  Wayne Rooney were to become injured in this World Cup, Fabio Capello has the capacity to still  work round an England victory in the coming competition.

The striker had played for Madrid under Capello’s handling.

However, one area of discovered weakness has been the penalty kicks:

“We already knew this, sai striker Frank Lampard.

“I think it has become a bit of an issue in the mind,” said Lampard. “No matter how well we have played in a match, when it comes down to penalties, you think: ‘Oh s*** here we go again’. Once you’ve got that mindset, it is hard to get out of it.

“That’s why the Germans are so good at it. They get to penalties and they have a confidence, an arrogance I suppose that they are going to win. England need more of that self-belief.” Lampard said, continuing: “Interesting point about it being a mental thing though. We could probably practice nothing but penalties between now and the knockout round, but then there’d still be a mental block if and when it comes to spot kicks.

"Yes I can" Fabio Capello seems looking forward to a successful tourney
"Yes I can" Fabio Capello seems looking forward to a successful tourney

I’m actually hoping we do have a penalty shootout, and preferably early on. And that we go through, obviously. This whole penalty hoodoo is getting ridiculous, and the only way to break is to win one and get our confidence back.