Revealed: Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime Traced To London Top Hospital Suffering From Heart Disease


LONDON: January 14, 2013
Enugu State Governor Sullivan Chime missing from his duty post as the chief executive of the Eastern State of Nigeria has been traced to a London top hospital suffering from a major heart disease.

The governor has been  a subject of unhealthy rumours for some time now, with many of his close associates and  government House inner caucus keeping mum  in what has been described as a re-enactment of the former president  Musa Yar’Adua’s conspiracy.

Chime has been missing from Enugu State House  since last September 2012 when he was concocted  to have proceeded to an annual leave

With public anxiety growing more and more as he refused to show up for duty after the expiration of his so called annual leave, the story from the Enugu  government House changed and there was a portrayal that the governor was making up for long standing holiday accumulation.

According to an online frontline new forum, the Governor has been clandestinely traced to a London Hospital, where he is receiving treatment for a rare heart disease.

Sahara reporters have traced the governor to a London hospital where he is allegedly  battling heart disease.

The  Hospital has been described  as  Cromwell Hospital, one of Nigeria’s money men  life re-builder with high reputation for modern medical success. It is located in the heart of  London

Reports claimed that there has been efforts by Enugu government house spin doctors to organise his brief appearance before being wheeled back for continuing observation, but the fragile condition  of the governor has disallowed for such publicity stunt to quell public outcry and anxiety.

Governor Chime’s scenario is a classic replay of Ex-President Umaru Yaradua’s pantomime conspiracy when he was whisked away to the Saudi Arabia hospital to fight cancer while People’s Democratic Party  cabal opportunists  exploited his circumstance with reported large scale treasury looting and gross abuse of office.

For six months, PDP weaved up  the tissues of lies claiming all was well with the former president, just in attempts  to buy time just as stakeholders were having a free day with the nation’s treasury and business contract grabs.

Last November,  information filtered out that the much loved governor was abroad fighting off hard drug addiction in a rehabilitation Hospital where he has been bedridden since leaving the country.

Just before the Christmas Holiday,  the governor was reported to have answered the last call, claimed to have  breathed his last as he lost his fight against an undisclosed ailment in  an Indian Hospital.

The report claimed the news of his death  filtered into Nigeria, as he was said to have died on the evening  of December 15, 2012 at exactly 9.15pm.

With lots of anger meeting the report and a desperate denial, no specific information were given to quell the rumor, except many government sources refuting the death claim. No sensitivity was shown to the fact that the governor was amswerable to Enugu State citizens, just as PDP on the national level displayed a worse level of arrogance during PresidentYar’Adua’s long indisposition and treatment in Saudi Arabia Hospital.   

Sahara Reporters: “The prolonged absence of the Governor has left the state under the complete control of his Chief of Staff, Mrs. Ifeoma Nwobodo.  Deputy Governor Sunday Onyebuchi, who is a neophyte, is limited to monetary spending limit of not more than N500,000k at a time.

Before becoming governor, Mr. Chime was Enugu state’s Attorney General in the government of now-indicted former Governor Chimaroke Nnamani.  During Chimaroke’s reign in the state and for eight years, several assassinations, including that of Victor Nwankwo, the business manager of the vocal activist Arthur Nwankwo, helped to chill public dissent.

Following the disappearance from public view of Governor Chime in 2012, several assassinations have also been experienced in the state.  Emeka Agwu, a man described as vocal and fearless, was assassinated in December 2012.  He hailed from Udi, the same local government area as the governor.

Other assassinations, including those of Ogbo Edoda and Ikeckucku Alagwu, a coordinator of MDG projects in two LGAs, have sent fear throughout the state and chilled notable voices.  So far, there are no investigations into those murders.

Enugu indigenes are fearful about what lies ahead for the State, and many prominent church leaders who hail from the same area as the governor have gone silent.  The state assembly is also in the pockets of the governor.

A few days ago, a pro-democracy association of Enugu State citizens which calls itself the Save Enugu Group, called on Acting Governor Onyebuchi to make a “categorical explanation” on the condition and whereabouts of Governor Chime.
The Acting Governor has yet to respond.

Members of Enugu State House of Assembly: Guilty of conspiring to deny Enugu citizens informations about the real state of health of the governor.