Ex-Head Of State Ibrahim Babangida Is Seriously Indisposed, Aides Confirm


Ex-Head Of State Ibrahim Babangida Is Seriously Indisposed, Aides Confirm-Former Head of State and Chairman of the then Supreme Military Council, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (rtd) is seriously indisposed.

According to sources, the former Head of State in recent times has drastically reduced his workloads of activities and had for some time been monitored by close associates and medical experts. A source close to his hilltop mansion in Minna claimed that the political heavyweight retired general and one of the most influential king makers in Nigeria’s political sojourn has emaciated seriously and need support to be able to stand. The nature of his illness however remain undisclosed but it is believed that it is more age related. The former leader, referred to as Maradona because of his genius nature in people’s maneuvering to his own benefits and gains  had attempted to stage a come back into the mainstream of Nigeria’s political event in 2010 but only to be dissuaded by lack of popularity among the generality of the people and low level acceptability among his array of political friends and chosen political party soulmates.

Source claimed that the Minna Hill Top Mansion super-lord and political one of the nation’s political mini-gods now looks pale and unable to walk unaided.

“He uses a walking stick or is helped by his security personnel”, disclosed an aide who confirmed that t the illness has made him unable to attend most public functions.

According to reports, he now shuttles between Abuja and Minna to receive medical assistance. It is claimed that he  has drastically cut down on the number of visitors he has been receiving in order to reduce pressures both on personal matters and political connections.
Babangida during his political service days as Military leader was diagnosed for a rare foot bug which was described as radiculopathy . The disease then according to reports by State House Correspondence gave him excruciating pains which made him periodically staring and adjusting his standing and sitting positions and he was then being frequently flown to Germany for medical attention.

Ibrahim Babangida presided over Nigeria for Eight years
Ibrahim Babangida presided over Nigeria for Eight years

Babangida was Nigeria’s military president for eight years. his low periods during his reign came when he was unable to take accountability for a about $4.3Billion being a windfall from the first Iraq war as the nation capitalised on the Iraq oil ban making more supply to the World oil market. He had repeatedly defended how he spent the windfall with his petty defense not being acceptable to the generality of the Nigerians.

He also presided over one of the most free election in Nigeria’s history in 1992 when Bashorun MKO Abiola emerged the winner. He refused to let go of the government to the people’s choice, attributing the reason to forces beyond him. He was consequently forced out of government  stepping down during nationwide protest and international pressures after annulling  the presidential election. He had on several occasions told Nigerians to blame him and if they wanted to kill him if they so wanted.

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