Ex-medical doctor, 68, found guilty of treating African woman as slave

Dr Saeeda Khan

A retired medical doctor has been found guilty of  using an African woman as  a ‘slave’  by a  Crown Court sitting in Central London.

Saeeda Khan, 68, trafficked African Mwanahanisi Mruke, 47, into Britain in 2006 as a domestic servant following some agreements, some of which were never met in full by the employing master, the doctor.

Part of that agreement was a payment of £10 -a-month wages.

During the trial, the prosecution claimed that the victim, Mwanahanisi  was subjected to various inhuman  condition part of which was forcing the African  to sleep on the kitchen floor of her suburban London home for three years.

After bringing her into the country from Tanzania, she initially gave her an allowance of £10 a month to work around the clock at her beck and call. Within a year she ceased to pay her altogether.

As the jury at Southwark  Crown Court  was given their leave on Monday, they returned on Wednesday to reach a verdict of  guilty against the aging doctor who had claimed during her defense that Ms Mruke had been given a fair treatment, was never complaining and was alway happy and smiley.

Thejury however  reached a verdict of  guilty against Saeeda Khan founding her guilty of trafficking a person into the UK for exploitation.

The victim, Ms Mruke said she could “never forgive” her captor.

“I felt like a fool, I was treated live a slave,” she said.

During her three-year ordeal from October 2006, Ms Mruke’s parents died and her daughter was married. Yet Khan granted her no contact with her family.

She was brought to the UK after getting a job at a hospital in Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania which Khan owned.

According to her, Khan fed her two slices of bread a day and ordered her around by ringing a bell she kept in her bedroom.

Khan, sitting at the back of the court instead of in the dock, did not react as the unanimous verdict was relayed to her through an interpreter.

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin told Khan, who will soon be sentenced, that she will not go to prison however.

He said: “She is 68 years old. I will put her out of her misery. I am not going to send her to prison immediately.

The Whitmore Road resident however  escaped with a nine month suspended sentence and was ordered to pay her victim £25,000.

Mwanahanisi Mruke, 47, was treated as a slave

Khan was supposed to pay Ms Mruke around £40 but could not even honour that agreement and not all the money was transferred.

Cara Pickering, reviewing lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “The financial arrangement was not honoured and she had to live in shocking conditions that failed basic human rights, not to mention domestic employment legislation.

“From the moment of her arrival in England Miss Mruke was made to sleep, work and live in conditions that by any understanding amount to slavery.

“Human exploitation such as this is not tolerated in our society and the CPS will use all of its powers to ensure these individuals are brought to justice.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Martin, head of the Human Exploitation and Organised Crime Command, said: “Human trafficking is one of the biggest generators of criminal finance in the world.

“Forcing people to work as slaves is a deplorable part of this immoral trade and one that we will do everything we can to stop.

“This particular case highlights the lengths that traffickers will go to when trying to avoid prosecution.

“I would like to commend the victim who has shown incredible strength and courage by coming forward to the authorities to relay her terrifying and degrading ordeal.”


Source: Harrow Times