Photosplash: Expatriate in ceaseless tantrum on traffic corps over instruction to park at normal bay

The expatriate

An unidentified expatriate on Thursday went wild  causing a ruckus over parking in a central area of Abuja, Nigeria corps. He apparently lost his temper over and instruction by a civil corps that he should park his car responsibly.

According to the article reported by Dolapo Adetunji of N2N America, the brouhaha was set off when the man was asked to move his vehicle to a designed parking as he had illegally parked. The civil defense corps policing the property was simply attempting to inform the man that it is “no parking” zone.

The arrogant expatriate, believed to have lost his composure and appearing very agitated as the corpse persuaded him to a designed parking bay went into out bursts screaming, “Who employed you? Who gave you this uniform?” He also allegedly hit one of the officers before kicking a sign board during his tantrum. He drove off after this tirade.

The on-lookers and the officers were bewildered by the attitude of entitlement the foreigner man portrayed, leaving them wondering if that’s how they behaved in their own countries.
The identity of the man has not been established.

Photos by Sunny Nwabuike

Reports by Dolapo Adetunji

Photos by Sunny Nwabuike