Eye Brows Raising As David Beckham Is Seen In Trainning Session With Arsenal At Emirate


Former England Captain and midfielder David Beckham has been sighted  training with Arsenal.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Beckham has been a special guest at Emirates Stadium but his presence has got nothing to do with a  signing with the club.

He had been given the opportunity to work on his fitness and his current romance with the gunners has nothing to do with short term or long term contract signing.

He has been sighted during training sessions with the North London Club  and according to reports, he is loving it.

Wenger  rejected reports of the possibility of his being part of the team now or in the immediate future.

After leaving MLS outfit LA Galaxy last December, David Beckham has been pondering over  his future.

While he weighs his options, the midfielder has been training with Arsenal after he asked Wenger if he could work on his fitness with the north London club. Wenger insisted that “there’s no speculation about signing or anything”.

The 37-year-old, who made his name with Manchester United and has also played for Real Madrid and AC Milan, is contemplating the next step in his career.