F A Chairman resigns following World Cup gaffe in national daily.

Lord Triesman
Lord Triesman, has stepped down as FA Chairman

The Chairman of Engish Football Association has resigned following a newspaper reports in which he suggested that Spain were planning to bribe referees in the coming World Cup.

Lord Triesman is also the Head of England World Cup 2018 bid team and has relinquished his post in that capacity as well.

The FA henchman stood down following a meeting held at Wembley on Sunday and could be paying a price for reckless and unfounded allegation which he claimed to be a private views to a trusted friend.

According to the respected elder statesman,the Spanish, apart from planning to bribe referees in World Cup offer to support Russia’s bid for the 2018 world cup bid if it was necessary to help.

Both views had been uncalled for considering the positions held by Lord Triesman as his voice represents the voice of the nation.

“The former Chairman’s statements were reported the Mail on Sunday which alleged that Triesman made comments suggesting Spain were planning to bribe referees at this summer’s World Cup while also offering their support to Russia’s bid for the 2018 World Cup if they were to help”, claimed a report on Telegraph.

“I have decided to resign as chairman of The FA and the 2018 Bid board,” Triesman said in a statement.

“A private conversation with someone whom I thought to be a friend was taped without my knowledge and passed to a national newspaper.
“That same friend has also chosen to greatly exaggerate the extent of our friendship.

“In that conversation I commentated on speculation circulating about conspiracies around the world. Those comments were never intended to be taken seriously as indeed is the case with many private conversations.

“The views expressed were not the views of the 2018 bid board or the FA.

“Nobody should be under any misapprehension that the FA or 2018 bid board are disrespectful of other nations or Fifa and I regret any such inference that may have been drawn from what has been reported.
“Entrapment especially by a friend is an unpleasant experience both for my family and me but it leaves me with no alternative but to resign.
“I have immediately informed the FA board of my decision.”
FA board members David Sheepshanks and Roger Burden have been drafted in as acting joint chairmen of the FA.
Vice-chairman Barry Bright will take on the role of acting chairman of the FA council and will chair this week’s AGM.
Bright said: “The Football Association would like to thank Lord Triesman for his efforts over the past two and a half years as the first independent chairman of the FA.

“The board expressed its considerable regret at the circumstances of his departure and wish him and his family well for the future.”
FIFA are yet to comment on the matter. However, the chief of Russia’s bid, Aleksey Sorokin, has called for football’s governing body to “take appropriate measures”.

The FA Crest Wembley
The FA Crest Wembley

“It is a sign that we are going in the right direction, that the quality of our bid leaves no other alternative for our competitors but to bring up these absurd allegations,” Sorokin told Sky Sports News.
When asked if they would take up the matter with Fifa, he added: “We haven’t had that discussion, we hope that Fifa will take appropriate measures itself without our motions.”
England, Russia, joint Spanish-Portuguese and Dutch-Belgian bids, Australia and the United States are the countries in contention for the World Cup.

Source: Telegraph