Fabrice Muamba retires from active football, says the Club website


    Fabrice Muamba‘s career as a footballer has been untimely terminated as the star  has retired from active  football.

    According to the Bolton Wanderers team site, the top player has surrendered to a nature wish as his state of health has created a major blockade to his nursed career as an accomplished football star.

    The midfielder became a source of inspiration to many of his admirers after recovering miraculously from a scary on-field injury. Now,  he will be unable to continue his career due to the fall outs if  his ongoing health concerns.

    He had spent the past four seasons with Bolton, making 130 Premier League appearances prior to the incident.

    In March, he collapsed on the field after suffering cardiac arrest. His heart actually stopped for more than an hour before he was revived back ti life.

    Over the course of the past few months, Muamba made a steady and remarkable recovery from the brink of death. It gave hope that he would one day be able to make a miraculous comeback to the pitch, but it turns out that won’t happen.

    Muamba stated it wasn’t the outcome he was hoping for after so much progress, but his medical team determined not returning to the game was the best move.

    “As part of my on-going recovery, last week I traveled to Belgium to seek further medical advice from a leading cardiologist. But the news I received was obviously not what I had hoped it would be and it means I am now announcing my retirement from professional football”, he declared emotionally..

    Although it’s a disappointing turn of events for the upbeat midfielder, nobody wants to see him put his life at risk for the sake of a game. His doctors have allowed him to reach this point in his recovery; it wouldn’t be smart to go against their judgment now.

    The 24-year-old will finish his career having made more than 200 total appearances forArsenal, Birmingham City and Bolton. He never had a chance to reach his peak, but he was well on his way to a long, successful career.

    In the retirement report, Bolton reiterated its support for Muamba as he moves on to the next stage of his life.

    -Bleachers Report