Farouk-Gate: “Give us back our money”, SSS appeals to Lawan


Farouk Lawan, the former Chairman of House of Representatives Ad-Hoc committee on oil subsidy spent the second night with the Nigerian security still facing interrogation over a request for $3million bribe from an oil marketer under investigation. A deposit of £620000 deposit was collected from the oil baron, Mr Femi Otedola after he informed the police.

The  embattled Nigerian lawmaker had led an investigation into the fraud-ridden fuel subsidy program and been established as a prime suspect in the worse people sell out involving a single parliamentarian open twisting justice to benefit finaially.

The law  under normal circumstances was to be released last night after spending 24 hours with the police but has refused to cooperate in the on-going investigation at the Police Force Headquarters in Abuja.

A police source told our correspondent that the police have refused to allow the suspended legislator to go home “because of his refusal to surrender the $620,000 bribe he collected Femi Otedola.”

Mr. Lawan’s lawyer, Israel Olorundare (SAN), was still with him at the police headquarters at the time of filing this report. His other lawyer, Sam Ologunorisa (SAN), confirmed the refusal of the police to release him.

Mr. Ologunorisa said it was unfortunate that the police were using the opportunity of the weekend to detain his client, adding that, were it not for the weekend, Mr. Lawan would have headed to the court to enforce his fundamental human rights.

“The police are using the opportunity of the weekend to detain him illegally. We will meet in court on Monday if they refuse to release him before then,” he said.

The lawyer frowned at the decision of Nigeria’s police to detain his client, wondering why the same police failed to detain Mr. Otedola, the oil magnate who reportedly gave the legislator more than $600,000 in bribes.

Nigeria Police

When the news of the bribe broke out last week, Hon Farouk Lawan had claimed he had no knowledge of any bribery, or neither did he meet anybody to discuss about the bribe negotiation. It had since emerged that the honourable member collected a sum of $620000 from oil magnate, Femi Otedola who summoned the police and detectives.

The money given to Farouk actually had been police marked money which the history of the bribe taking was recorded in videos.

Now, Lawan is refusing to give back the actual money on request by the police.

He is likely to spent the whole of the weekend unless the money is given back to the police.