Farouk-Gate: The waiting game continues as the world waits for nation’s justice on landmark scandal

Farouk Lawan

Will Nigeria once again prove to the World that she is deliberately receding her own greatness and  embarking in self -destructive mission through politicians conspiracy and calculated massive corruption in looting and let go policy?

Will the nation’s  conscience continue to fall victims of rape and wicked blood drain  to squeeze her into oblivion?

These are the big questions agitating the mind of the world community as the waiting game continues in Farouk Lawan’s subsidy probe bribe scandal which once again has been handled with levity and non-committed posture by a so called probe committee and Nigeria police.

Farouk Lawan, the  former Chaiman of House Committee on Fuel subsidy was recorded both on audio and video when he was offered $500000 deposit in a $3million asking bribe to tilt the report of the committee. He also sent the secretary of the House to collect a some $100000 as he prepared to travel out of Abuja.

Nigerians across the world are agitated about the current the  scandal as the nation are subjected to a mental chess game played by the police and a so called probe committee.

The amount of $620000 was deposit was prepared by State Security Service, which prepared the money after it was informed of the bribe request scandal. All evidence in the scandal  pointed to a deliberated request for bribe. Security agents set the scandal up using marked money to establish the truth.

The bribe had made the  international community having their focus on the nation,  assessing  and weighing up the nation’s seriousness in the fight against corruption. Many international organisation’s reports previously had suggested that Nigeria remained uncommitted to corruption fight.

Those responsible are playing on the nation’s 162million people’s conscience with a wating game that seems to be unending in order to delibratedly scuttle litigation on the matter.

The scandal remains the worse exposed betrayal of a motherland by a politician given the responsibility to find solutions to one of the nation’s most biting problem.

The whole world is waiting  in consternation to see the outcome of a so called committee and the Nigeria police probing the scandal, the worse exposed in the Nigeria House of Parliament.

“….Mr Lawan told the BBC he had received several death threats from powerful individuals after exposing the fuel scam. The BBC’s Will Ross in Lagos says many Nigerians are wondering if they will ever know whether he really took a bribe or whether this was a smear campaign to discredit the entire fuel subsidy report”, reported BBC, painting a picture of a turn around of the case to indicate his(Farouk) life was in danger because of the probe and that of that danger was the reason the issue of the bribe came in.

Yet it is evident that the bribe took place and action for the reason the bribe was taken took place.

“This is typical of the way Nigeria has been run for a long time, and we may never see justice in this big bribe bang because of the personalioty involved”, a social critic told EMNnews in London.

The source lamented:” Can we ever progress as a nation even when criminal is given the opportunity to move freely and even travelout of the country. We are in deepshit as a nation while the world looks on to relegate Nigeria as a jungle nation run by gangster”

Investigated to the allegedly collection of  $620,000 deposit from a $3million  bribe demand   is still on-going in a major scuttling scandal ti trivialise the case and make it irrelevant on the long run.

According to police, the  investigation is yet to be concluded.

According to a London based legal practitioner: “The evidences are available. There are videos and the subject matter for the bride was effected. What are the police and a so called committee investigating if not that they are using delay tactics to scuttle the trial?. Are they thinking we are all fools?

Lawan, former chairman of the House of Representatives Ad Hoc Committee on Fuel Subsidy, accepted collecting the money from oil baron, Femi Otedola, but claimed it was done to expose the billionaire’s corrupt tendencies.

Otedola, on his part, alleged that the lawmaker demanded for $3 million to remove his companies from the list of indicted firms. According to him, the bribe was given as part of a sting operation.

Frank Mba, police spokesperson, confirmed on Saturday to the Daily Times of Nigeria that the police were yet to conclude investigations into the case. “Farouk Lawan still appears at the Force headquarters and we will continue to invite him until we have concluded investigations into the case,” he said.

Protesters seeking for justice

Even though the money offered to Hon Lawan wa marked by the security agencies after it was told of Farouks bid from Otedola, the inability of Lawan to produce the bribe money and the weakness of the police to handleLawan with sincerity and coercion to produce the money  has affected investigation into the matter and may affect the prosecution’s case when it gets to court.  Yet the police have all videos relating to the scandal and monotored all activities as the money was taken.

The lawmaker had used a top government official as a shield when he claimed the money was given to him. But the  House committee Chairman on Narcotics and Financial Crimes, Adams Jagaba however,  severally refuted the claim, warning that he would take Lawan to court if he did not drop the claim., another evidence of the weaved on lies from the top law maker.

Earlier reports that the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has taken over the matter with the aim of commencing legal proceedings have also been refuted.

Daily Times reported that Folu Olamiti, spokesperson for the anti-graft agency, said he had no details on the any litigation matter on the case.

“You people will be briefed by any of the anti corruption agencies that will try the matter when everything is in place,” he said.

Lawan remain unrattled as he  recently travelled to Saudi Arabia to perform the lesser Hajj, an indication that he remains confident of the outcome of what the case would bring.

He reportedly appeared last week  Monday at Police Headquarters on in fulfillment of one of the conditions the police gave him before travelling.

” How can such a suspected criminal who betrayed an entire nation be allowed to travel when the world  waits to hear the result of the outcome of the investigation”, the lawyer question concluding that soon the law maker may resume back at his duty post.

” This is the story of Nigeria in the past, now and unless there is miracle perhaps for the future”, he concluded