Fashion Xravaganza… as EMNnews photo-splash brings you these exciting Fashion Angels


These  beauties, upholding the honor and glory of Nigeria are brought to you this weekend to add spice to your festivities and to grace your low hours at this time of  the season… all in our avowed efforts to keep you on life line.

Beauty they say is in the eyes  of the beholder as shown here through our naturally endowed ladies of class and distinction, style and colour. They represent distinctions from the three geographical regional expression called  Nigeria.Four heartthrobs to hold your temperature as regular this weekend. Hope you appreciate? Sshhhhh> Do not touch! Just for your eyes only!

A queenly pose in this typical Hausa blouse out fit. Hope she makes you weekend more worthwhile!
A delightful Smile from our Queen of Fashion. This is from the several collections of Ojuloge Arts-Ponmile.
Yeye Oge Jumoke Awomosu Oyeneyin. What a Smoothie,,, and a complimenting queenly pose from a lady who knows the tricks of modern fashion.Wishing her a happy weekend!
Simply fantastic smile from our fashion model to add more to your delight