Fatima Jabbe wins Best Actress at Africa OSCA 2013


 FatoscaFatima-afrooscaFatima Jabbe wins Best Actress at Africa OSCA 2013Fatima Jabbe, The Nollywood UK frontline actress has won the best Actress in this year’s Africa Oscar Award.  The event was held  weekend at Great Warner Theatre  in Washington District of Colombia, United States.

Fatima  made it as one of the five finalist out of thirty two Actresses, and finally winning as people’s choice.

She joined hundreds of African Actors and Actresses at the award ceremony on Saturday night in the United States as the third annual Nollywood & African Film Critics’ Awards (NAFCA 2013) also known as African OSCA  was staged amid glitz and glamour.

Over 500 Million viewers worldwide  tuned in to watch the glamorous event.

Among the nominee for this year’s event was Ms. Mariama Colley, a Gambian actress, who was nominated for her role in the movie entitled “The Hand of Fate.”

Fatima, who left London on Friday for the event, breezed into the venue in a figure-trimmed white gown full of smiles and acknowledging streams of pleasantries at the venue.

“I am filled with uncontrollable joy. I am humble and thankful to God Almighty for I came to America with open mind and but conquered many hearts who celebrated me’, a joyful Fatima who is also a fashion icon reacted as she responded to her award, continuing:” I thank you my fans for the love and support. Your vote made me proud in America and beyond.

The actress whose new film, “Battered’ is set for premiere on Saturday September 28, promised to continue to work hard so that her fans would continue to be justified in their support.

 “I thank you my fans for the love and support. Your vote made me proud in America and beyond. I will make sure that you are never let down”, she promised.

*Fatima’s new movie, ‘Battered’ is schedule to be premiered this month and all is now set for the red carpet occasion which has been the talk of both London and beyond.

Fatu‘Battered’ , produced by the actress is due for preview in London on the 28th September, 2013 at the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich, London. She played a leading role in the film, supported by many popular actors and actresses from both Africa and UK based Nollywood.

Many film buffs who have seen the film at its various shooting locations have attested to the fact that it will remain the only one film to beat, standing out of many that have been shown this year.

Miss Jabbe who is nominated for this year’s African Oscars in the USA said ‘Battered’is about domestic violence in homes and holds the view that it is a film that many people, both young and old would cherish and learn from, having a strong African setting.

She claimed to have written the movie which afforded her the opportunity of playing the lead role in it.