Finally, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister goes home on Wednesday as body leaves London for Nigeria

Alhaji Agba is now home bound


Tensions about the final laying to rest of Fuji  Music genius, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister have been doused with the emergence of details about his victorious home coming slated for this Wednesday afternoon.

The music genius will leave London  on Wednesday morning  scheduled to arrive at Murtala Mohammed Airport at about 1pm Wednesday afternoon.

Sources in London claimed the Funeral Company handling all issues relating to his burial arrangements in conjunction with family and close associates have scored a big success in securing a flight for the transfer of the body to Nigeria  after almost two weeks of stalemate caused by British weather condition.

“The body is expected to arrive in Nigeria on Wednesday at about 1pm and will head, immediately for Fuji Chambers in Isolo , official and most known  residence of the Fuji creator”, confided a reliable source.

It has now been confirmed that Alhaji Agba would be laid to rest at his Lagos Isolo residence. Family decision chose his Lagos base as his final resting place.

For  several days, all has been silent over the burial plans as the body continued stay in Britain  has whipped up anxiety  and tension over the lateness of the burial. This  has  culminating in  lots of rifts and ill-feelings as religious leaders and families back home thought he had been buried in London. As a strong Islamic faith holder, The Fuji creator’s body was suppose to have been buried within 24 hours of his departure.

Several questions had been asked for the reason why the body had refused to arrive Nigeria   earlier especially immediately after his death on December 16.

“The burial programme is currently being kept secret by the family because of pent up pressures, angers  and resentments over the delay as we don’t want unnecessary speculation. The delay to convey the body home had been caused by lack of  air ticket bookings as several days of heavy snowfalls grounded all means of transportation in Britain” a source told EMNnews in London over the weekend.

The source  added that the Islamic Spiritual leaders  in Nigeria since the announcement of his death on December 16, had commenced all essential spiritual  prayers and all guiding Quaranic appeasement  to meet up with the normal 24 hours burial deadline as a true muslim adding: “Already, the spirit of the departed music icon already is resting due to all the prayer appeasements offered in absentia, it was added.

Barry Wonder's Isolo Fuji Chambers homeIt will be recalled that the effect of several  days of heavy snow fall has impeded the home transfer of the body of the ace Fuji music star while his embalmed body has been  kept under  Funeral Directors’ care ever since his release from the hospital on Monday December 20 2010 following the completion of   of the coroner and post mortem clearance and issuance of death certificate and other documentations for the release of the body.

Thousands of sympathisers on Tuesday December 21,2010 had besieged Peckham Mosque in South East London to have a glimpse of the body  to pay their last respect.

*Dont be left out in the message thread. If you are a true faithful of Alhaji Agba, please pass your message of condolence to the family and  a message of farewell to Alhaji Agba himself. We love him but God loves him more.

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  1. Thank God for the life and dead of our genius.He came, he saw and he conquired. Sun re o alhaji agba, omo odee sifawu, ki oma je okunu ki o ma je ekolo sugbon ohun ti won nba nje ni orun ni ki o ba won je.Rest in perfect peace ayinde. O di arinako o di oju ala, ki o soru rereo.