First Lady Patience Jonathan battling to avoid bowel cancer?

First Lady Patience Jonathan

First Lady, Mrs Patience Jonathan has been battling with ruptured appendicitis which occasionally leads to bowel cancer, according to sources.

Reports on Monday morning broke out that she was flown to Germany for medical complications resulting from food poisoning.

However, it emerged on Tuesday that the first lady  had undergone surgery in a German hospital for ruptured appendicitis.

The sources however revealed to the media on Tuesday that a major surgery had been performed  on her to avoid further complication and aggravation of her condition, especially avoiding her situation developing into colon or bowel cancer.

Medical experts have always claimed appendicitis over the age of 40 are mostly associated with colon cancer and the symptoms of bowel cancer can include blood stains in excreta and anus discharges.

Sources said she is now recuperating and resting.

Although the presidency said she travelled abroad to rest, sources privy to her trip, said she was flown to the German hospital where she was diagnosed of ruptured appendicitis, necessitating the surgery.

Mrs. Jonathan was said to have been accompanied on the trip by a medical personnel from the Presidential Villa, and a few of her aides.

Media gathered that the decision to fly her abroad followed her deteriorating health condition in Abuja, after she was initially treated for “food poisoning.”

It was learnt that Mrs. Jonathan, shortly after returning from a trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), took ill, prompting the invitation of the First Family’s medical personnel to attend to her.

She was said to have been treated for food poisoning for four days, “but her condition kept worsening by the day,” the source said.

By the fifth day, President Goodluck Jonathan was said to have yielded to the suggestion that she be flown abroad for “thorough treatment.”

It was not certain if the inability of the president’s doctors to treat her was because of faulty diagnosis or insufficient facilities.

A source confided: ” President Jonathan is very conscious of the fact that travelling abroad for medical attention would ignite public reactions. But considering the first lady’s condition, he had to allow for a preemptive  surgical operation”.

According to the source, “the trip was therefore hurriedly, but discretely arranged, after a German hospital, suspected to be Horst Schmidt Klinik in Wiesbaden, Germany, had been contacted”.

By last weekend, she was said to have regained “full consciousness” on her sick bed and was willing to return home.

Media checks, however, revealed that the hospital authorities are insisting on her full recovery before discharging her.

“They say she has to be completely stable before she can be discharged, because they are still observing her, although the worst seems to be over now,” the source said.

When contacted, Special Adviser to the president on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, said he was unaware of the first lady’s condition.

Similar efforts made to reach the first lady’s spokesman, Mr. Ayo Osinlu, were unsuccessful as he did not pick calls to his phone nor respond to text messages sent to him.

But an online forum had quoted him as saying the president’s wife travelled abroad for a “moment’s rest”.

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