Food Poisoning: First Lady, Patience Jonathan rushed to Germany for medical attention

First Lady, Patience Jonathan

Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan was airlifted abroad for emergency medical attention last Wednesday according to Presidency sources which confided in Sahara Reporters.

Sources claimed that Mrs Jonathan was rushed to an hospital in Germany where she has been receiving medical attention  in the last five days and placed on close observation by doctors.

Abuja State House sources  told Sahara Reporters that she has lost her voice  following  the problem for about five days as  she is on close watch undergoing treatment. The sources claimed Mrs. Jonathan, who is also a Permanent Secretary in the Bayelsa State civil service is only gradually regaining her voice following food poisoning on Sunday.

She was airlifted to the hospital by an air ambulance  under emergency medical conditions following a severe poisoning complications which had endangered  her life.

Presidency sources told SR that the emergency airlift departed for Wisbanden, Germany last Wednesday even though it was not stated if the hospital where she is receiving treatment is located in that German city.

“Our sources could not say when she will return to the country”, claims Sahara Reporters.

Once again, Nigeria is being made a laughing stock by the international community who had wondered why an ordinary case of food poisoning had to be taken abroad with enormous resources the nation  could have used to establish decent medical establishments in the country.

Many foreign countries had milked millions of dollars from Nigeria elite political clique who refuse to develop the nation’s medical facilities but are quick to fly abroad family members just at a flick of discovered medical problems.

Also, millions of dollars are spent each year by the political elite and private individuals who make Germany, Spain, Unites States, India, and London their ports of destination for medical solution  while facilities at home remain undeveloped despite huge budgets.