Foreplay fact file: 10 Tips To Drive Your Partner Wild with Passion



Foreplay is an essential part of love making... make it a matter of must to cary along your partner

Foreplay is an essential ingredient of a satisfying sexual relationship.

Women in particular like lots of foreplay to help them achieve orgasm and of course men love it to.

Here are ten tips to help you get more from foreplay and drive your partner wild with passion.

1. Don’t Forget To Kiss

90% of women in a recent poll said they liked to kiss more, so make sure that you kiss your partner and do it with passion.

The basics of kissing your partner are explained fully in our other articles, but the trick is:

To relax, use variety follow your partner, use your body and do it with passion.

Kissing is one of the best ways to show love and desire and is deeply personal, so make sure you do it correctly.

2. Target The Neck

If you want to target one erogenous zone to make your partner moan with ecstasy, it’s the neck.

It’s guaranteed to make any women melt and feel hot and sexy.

Make sure you lick, kiss and nibble it.

3. Target ALL The Erogenous Zones

We all know the obvious erogenous zones, but make sure you target them all.

Great erogenous zones include:

The back, and pay particular attention to the buttocks.

Most women have reservations about their bottom so show her how much you love it. Stroke it, kiss it and tell her how beautiful it is.

Other great erogenous zones include:

The ears – An incredible amount of nerve endings are situated here.

The feet – Reflexology targets the feet due to the connection they have to the rest of the body.

Make sure you take time to massage and kiss them, it’s a great way to relax your and turn your partner on.

The backs of the knees – Not really thought of as an erogenous zone, but an incredible amount of nerve endings are situated here.

The Inner thighs – Are highly sensitive and a great tease as your partner will wonder where your hands and lips will wander to next.

Oral sex is essentially a creative aspect of love making

4. Oral Sex

There is not enough room here to cover all the ways to turn your women on with oral sex (see our other articles) but one thing is a must:

Communication – Many women complain that their partners do not do oral sex correctly.

So communication is a must, ask her exactly how she likes it and follow here lead.

Many women become very self conscious and think their partners are simply doing it to please them.

Show them you are enjoying it and they will relax and enjoy the experience even more.

5. Use Massage

Many women need to be relaxed to enjoy sex and get ready for full intercourse so add some sensuous oils into foreplay and pay attention to the back shoulders and the feet.

6. Set The Mood

Relax before hand and show you have made an effort.

Take her to dinner or make sure you have champagne on ice show your partner you care love and desire them.

For women sex is not purely a physical act, it’s a mental experience so show your partner how much you care.

7. Tease

Foreplay should be fun and not finish too soon.

Practice bringing your partners desire up and then moving away from the area targeted, tease her until she can take no more.

This will heighten the expectation and make full sex much more fulfilling when it comes.

8. Communicate

Don't live a life of boredom

You need to explore your partner’s inner desires and try and please them. Many couples are reluctant to talk about sex but your both adults and you need to do so.

Don’t rely on trial and error, make sure you talk frankly and openly.

9. Try Something New

Don’t go through the same routine every time!

Sex will get boring add some different aspects and experiment.

This may mean introducing toys, food or whatever else you can think of.

Nothing kills a relationship more than predictability and boredom.

10. After Sex

Don’t just walk out – take time to tell your partner how much you enjoyed the experience.

Kiss cuddle and tell her how wonderful it was – Make your partner feel wanted.

So there you have 10 tips that will increase the pleasure of foreplay more and make sex far more enjoyable, for both you and your partner.



By Olapeju Agunbiade

Navigating you towards a fruitful relationship