Fourteen Killed As Flood Over-run Bridge Collapses in South African East Province

The Collapsed Bridge

At least fourteen people have been killed as heavy rains brought down an overhead bridge in South Africa.

Many more lucky to survive have been dragged out of the spot as the bridge over a dried water collapsed leaving a dark view which allowed other cars to ram into pools of water.

The South African Press Association reported Tuesday that the bridge collapsed in the nation’s Mpumalanga province.
Joseph Mabuza, a spokesman for the province’s safety department, said that three vehicles drove onto the bridge in the dark after it had collapsed Monday night.
Mabuza says the strong current pulled the vehicles away.

Also, a train carrying cargo also derailed Tuesday morning near Durban as rain swept away its track. The train ended up plunging into the Amanzimtoti River.
Local officials said four people were injured in that accident.
South Africa is now experiencing seasonal rains as it enters its summer months.

The bridge was over a dry river bed but flash floods fill it with water when it rains heavily, Mabuza said. He added that divers had completed their search as all missing people had been accounted for.

“We have 14 people killed. The bridge was swept away and four cars just plunged into the water,” provincial safety spokesman Joseph Mabuza said.

Central and eastern regions of South Africa have been hit by torrential rain and hail in the last few days. In KwaZulu Natal province emergency services said four people were injured after a train derailed and fell into a river.