GAB Awards 2014 Comes Alive As Africa’s Best Gathers In London East.


Flashback to last year’s event

GAB Award creator, Mr Femi Okutubo
GAB Award creator, Mr Femi Okutubo

GAB Award Comes Alive As Africa’s Best Gathers In London East-The annual  Gathering of Africa’s Best  Awards (GAB Awards) held yearly to celebrate the best of black and African race will hold on Sunday as organisers round up preparation for this year’s edition in grand style.

The 16th edition of the annual Awards comes up in London on November 16, 2014 at the exclusive Showcase Cinemas Newham, Jenkins Lane, Barking.

Organisers once again have listed many lucky recipients who had been nominated  for the coveted award with more confidence that once again, the choice of the people will beat the imaginations of many who had written in they should avoid honouring those who had betrayed Africa and Africans  to be listed among this year’s winners.

According to the Chief Executive of GAD Award, Mr Femi Okutubo,: ” We are not blind to reality and GAB Awards have always moved beyond eye service to be the  most credible and respected of all Awards in the UK and beyond due to its strict stance on the choice of nominated recipients”.

Among the sent in opinion to the Award committee by a faithful fan was that the organisers should  avoid self centered politicians who may want to use the platform of GAB to grab fame because of the coming Nigeria’s election early next year.

Mr Okutubo emphasized that the joy of GAB Award is that its choice of nominees exceeds the projected African Borders and this created its strict stance  as many from outside  the continent of Africa constitute major advisers and are always taking part in the screening process.

Many non-Africans who had demonstrated their interests and commitment to the causes of black race life enhancement and African cultural values promotion in the past years had been celebrated by GAB as they had been awarded for their good deeds.

Many of those  who had won the awards in the past were eminent personalities within Africa’s political, economic, social, sport and entertainment  World and who had impacted on the life of Africans either in Africa or in the Diaspora.

The success of the award had given birth to many others who have emulated Mr Okutubo’s vision of Africa and African’s celebration. Among this year’s nominee  is Dr Ahmed Nazir, a Pakistan origin who in the past years had influenced many African Children in securing admission into best  Universities across the World and still rewards hundreds of Africans with money and professional training to encourage them to get the best result in preparation for higher institution admission. Among his students are the Imafidon sisters who prominently feature on Dr Nazir’s record as special gifted children.

At least  three members of  Imafidon clan were students at the educationalist’s Best Tutors private education Center, situated in Edmonton,North London.   Many more Nigerians are testifying on how he had influenced them in gaining admission to the best  Universities across the World.  gabs

GAB Award is an off-shoot of  The Trumpet Newspapers which was founded in 1999.

It is Britain’s Africans’ largest distributed  newspaper, established to promote the image of Africa and Africans amid deliberate soiling of Africa’s image by the mainstream media in United Kingdom and the entire Western World.

Since its establishment 16 years ago, GAB Award  has  showcased Africa’s Best in all areas of human endeavour and has  rewarded those who are icons of positive change within the African community in both African continent and beyond rewarding their efforts through recognition and celebration.

According to Mr Okutubo, this year’s celebration will hold  on Sunday 16 November 2014 at Showcase Cinemas Newham, Jenkins Lane, Barking, ESSEX IG11 0AD in the United Kingdom between 5pm and 11.30pm. Past GAB Awards events have attracted the support and presence of numerous African missions and their Heads, Royalties, celebrities from both entertainment, sports, political and business world.

In 2007, the GAB Awards was celebrated as one of the programmes of the Mayor of London’s Black History Month.

GAB’S NIGHT:  An Evening of celebration of  high achievers and Africa’s best!

Why you must be there!!!

* A showcase and celebration of the best of Africa and Africans. * An evening of recognition of achievements, entertainment and enlightenment. * A networking event of top 500 Africans in the UK and friends of Africa. * A gathering of Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Diplomats, Royalties, Top Government Officials, Professionals, Celebrities and eminent personalities within the African community. * An exhibition of top businesses and organisations serving the community. * An opportunity to sample the best drinks from Africa. * A platform to reach a potential audience of over 10 million Africans and Friends of Africa around the world through Media coverage

Important information and FAQs

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

There are no ID requirements. While there are no age restrictions to attend the event, the target audience for the GAB Awards is 16 years old and above. Everybody occupying a seat must purchase a ticket.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

From East London Follow the A13 East towards Southend. Exit at roundabout at the junction with the A406 (North Circular). Take the second exit off the roundabout (slip road to the A13 east). Jenkins Lane is the first exit on the left as you enter the slip road. From Dagenham, Beacontree Heath & Purfleet Follow the A13 West and exit at the roundabout at the junction with the A406 (North Circular). Take the fourth exit off the roundabout (slip road to the A13 east). Jenkins Lane is the first exit on the left as you enter the slip road. From the North Follow the A406 (North Circular) Southbound. Exit at roundabout at the junction with the A13. Take the first exit (slip road to the A13 east). Jenkins Lane is the first exit on the left as you enter the slip road. Free parking (including dedicated Blue Badge holder spaces)

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Email: Tel: +44 20 8522 6600 / +44 7956 385604 For Tickets please click this link