GAB Awards: Business Gurus, Music Stars And Actors Sign Atendance Notice


gab-awardsThe Gathering of Africa’s Best (GAB) Award, the annual event that pinpoints the best in Africa’s political, entertainment, Financial and Sports recognition world  is to hold on October 27, this year.

As usual, the 15th version of the glittering event will showcase the best of African entertainment and Cultural display will come up on October 27, 2013 in London.

“We are leaving no stone unturned make this year’s occasion memorable and more eventful considering the Leadership role the award has made in an African Award world in Europe as well as the unique nature of its hosting”, a spokesman for the Award told your online news forum, during the week.

Many top hip-hop artists, standup comedians and Nollywood top actors and actresses from Nigeria and United Kingdom are already sending messages of congratulations and signaling their willingness to glitter the event

Gab has not been only tagged as the best of all African Awards, but  as the mother of all African Awards, setting the ball rolling on the recognition of Africa and Africans goodness and endowments.

Mr Okutubo said this year’s Award may recognize many friends of Africa who are of both European and American origin, considering the fact that Africa has not been acting in isolation especially in 21st century when technology has brought all continents of the World closer than ever before.

Femi Okutubo
Femi Okutubo, GAB Proprietor; ” We are set for another landmark recognition of Africa’s best”

“We are recognizing many friends of Africa in this year’s event because many have been instrumental to the huge leap that the continent has made especially in the past two decades”, Mr Femi Okutubo, Proprietor of GAB Award told EMN-NEWS in an exclusive interview.

“We live today in a world that has evolved beyond human imagination and for this reason; this year’s award will recognize many friends of Africa as we want more motivation, empowerment and support to make the African dream more of a reality”

The GAB Award is organized authority Also announced during the week a major slash in both advertisement placements and the Award venue table offers claiming it had put into consideration the current economic instability and high cost of living.

The Award will attract all African Embassies and High Commissioners, many of whom have played a big role in African live enhancement, traditional and Cultural development in the United Kingdom in particular and Europe in general in the last decades, as well as many  community Leaders, Media Executives, Business top echelons  and Professionals from numerous walks of life.

The GAB Awards was founded in 1999 by The Trumpet newspaper to recognize and celebrate the numerous Africans who are changing and impacting lives positively around the world.

The award giving ceremony is a forum for the best of Africa and friends of Africa to come together to network and showcase the very best that Africa has to offer.

The GAB Awards challenge the unacceptable portrayal of the vast “number of Africans as fraudulent, lazy, aid seekers and benefit cheats – when many Africans are excelling in areas including but not limited to: The Arts, Media, Banking and Finance, Architecture, Sport, Entertainment, Politics, International Relations, Health, and Business, but to mention a few,” says Femi Okutubo, Founder/CEO Trumpet GAB Awards.

Flashback To Past Awards As World Icons Are Recognized:

Simon Hughes - Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Britain at a previous GAB Awards event. Our promotional offer will put a big smile on your face!