GAB’s 12th night of glory is sure to be a hit on October 31 in Central London.

GAB’s 12th night of glory is  a sure hit!.
GAB’s 12th night of glory is a sure hit!.

Gathering of Africa’s Best awards ( GAB), Africa’s most famous  awards of excellence and recognition  which comes up every year will take place this Sunday October 31, 2010 in Central London.

This year’s award has been scheduled to hold at the prestigious Holiday Inn in (Bloomsbury), Coram Street, London WC1N 1HT

Award Proprietor, Femi Okutubo  said this year’s Award has been made special as it carries a  touch of Nigeria’s Independence with lots of funfair and social celebration, witnessing music and  cultural display and recognition of many celebrated Africans who have excelled in their various areas of  professional , political and Social engagements..

Mr Okutubo has urged lovers of the award to check the website for this year’s space purchase and honour slot.

“ We try to be very considerate in view of the economic recession this year as you can purchase spaces for as little as £100-200 “, the Trumpet Chief Executive said, claiming alI is now set for the award to attain a greater height this year.

Mr Okutubo said buffet service commences at 7.30pm, urging  all friends of Africa in general and GAB awards in particular to be prompt,

Gathering of Africa’s Best Award  among other thing is a showcase of  best African talents in their various field of endeavour. Many Prominent Africans have won the Awards in the past  including Former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Last year’s Award featured a special focus on Ghana, with all the decorations adorning Ghanaian colours and cultural settings.

The occasion  also witnesses the attendance of business moguls and highly placed government functionary from across Africa, Traditional leaders, Nollywood stars and various musical talents.

Two Champions on the night, Femi Okutubo and Otunba Adewale Adenaike with friends in one of GAB nights

The night will among other things be remembered for :

  • A showcase and celebration of the best of Africa and Africans
  • An evening of recognition of achievements, dinner, entertainment and enlightenment
  • A networking event of top 300 Africans in the UK and friends of Africa.
  • A gathering of Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Diplomats, Royalties, Top Government Officials, Professionals, Celebrities and eminent personalities within the African community.
  • An exhibition of top businesses and organisations serving the community.
  • An opportunity to sample the best drinks from Africa.

A platform to reach a potential audience of over 10 million Africans and Friends of Africa around the world through Media coverage.