Gang-raped University student wants to commit suicide

The rape victim

A big hunt has commenced to trace five evil men who violently gang-raped a University student taking turn on her while her legs were stretched in  to have a go.

The lady screamed and begged to be killed while she was apparently subdued by the strength of the five sex criminals who overpowered and humiliated her into submission.

The incident happened on August 16 this year.

The Nigerian University rape victim begged her assailants to take her life, shouting :”kill me , please kill me” with her cries falling on the deaf hears of the rapists.

The five dirty members of Abia state University have been declared wanted by the State police who are asking the men to give themselves up before they are traced.

The criminal students took turns to have sex with her and helped each other in stretching the lady’s legs out, entering her private as she was being twisted face up and face down while they have sex with her taking turns on her violently.

It is a wicked act that has caught the attention of the international community, now calling on the government to take up the matter and punish the assailant by pressing for criminal charges to serve as deterrent to other students.

It was a sad story similar to what happened around this time last year, when a sex  scandal rocked the University of Edo state, Ekosodin, where a some female students were allegedly punished by some hoodlums who gangraped them in the campus purportedly taking a revenge. The  suspects allegedly were  members of a campus cult.

Similarly,it has been an alarming and humiliating sight as the lady in her twenties got hooked by the criminals unleashing terrors on her.

The video was sent to an online newspaper Editor who boldly posted the blue-film replica on his newspaper, with warnings that it was meant for strong minded adults.

The female student, a second year student of  Abia State University (ABSU)  allegedly was rude to them and refused to take   orders and instructions from one of them, so they decided to take the laws into their hands by “teaching” her a lesson that she will never forget.

The lady was bleeding profusely as she was being seriously humiliated with the men’s genitals.

Many across the world who have seen the video are calling on President Goodluck Jonathan to take interest in the case so the the world would understand that it is not a condone- able  act in Nigeria.

The wicked act got to a point that the female student was suicidal and started begging the rapists to take her life.

She was begging both  in  English and Igbo languages that she had no other pride than her life to be taken instantly.

As her appeals got stronger, the guys resorted to mocking, and  laughed derisively. The ordeal lasted for well over an hour and it is being speculated that the lady may have taken her own life after the ordeal.

The recorder of the order however was so careful he refused to show the bold faces of the assailants, but were identifiable if the tape is handed over to the security agents.

However, an appeal has gone to the public to help identify the criminals as Nigerians across the world are waiting impatiently to hear development on this matter as urgently as possible.

The names of the assailants have been supplied as UCHENNA , WISDOM, ZAKI, CHISOM, & IFEANYI / UGBAANYI, all believed to be students of ABIA State University.

 Please this is a very sensitive video, posted for the identification of the rapists at Abia State University(ABSU), in Nigeria. Do not play if you have under age in your vicinity, too gory, too real and very violent. May leave a bad memory. The victim’s voice apparently tired from the stress and humiliation of   a rape scandal. Kindly help identify the criminals