Ghana ‘s finest hour as nation is honored in landmark award dedication in London.


Ghana's flag
Ghanaians have been urged to learn from those African countries whose source of wealth has turned to a terrible source of curse, culminating in retrogression and squalor instead of envisioned advancement and better life for the people.

The Chief Executive of Gathering of Africa’s best Best (GAB) award and Publisher of Trumpet Newspapers, Mr Femi Okutubo who gave this advise expressed optimism that as the world matches marches through the 21st century, Ghana has been destined to reach a higher height both in Africa and on the world stage.

“ Following the discovery of oil in Ghana two years ago, even more oil continues to be discovered, and in large quantities. Numerous other mineral resources are also being discovered in Ghana lately. And whether you believe it or not, Ghana is set to soar rapidly.

Mr Okotubo Okutubo was delivering his keynote address during this year’s celebration of Gathering of Africa’s best Best held at the Holiday Inn,( Bloomsbury), in Coram Street, Central London.

This year’s award had chosen Ghana as its Theme Country and every activities activity carried out was laced in Ghana’s culture and traditional settings.

GAB Award
Mr Okutubo also touched on the real foundation on which GAB had been built which was the creation of a better forum for the redeeming of African countries image which for long had received continuous battering from the Western Media.
“We have always maintained that Africa is truly blessed and that the many negative reports about Africa that dominate the media are not true and are not a complete representation of who we are”, he stressed.
‘Africans are excelling in numerous areas of human endeavor and in some instances ruling the world. This is in spite of the gloom and doom of global meltdown. There is cause for celebration.

It is this principle that has ensured that the GAB Awards 2009 is a reality- Yes!, Africa must celebrate and friends of Africa (even enemies as well) must join in celebrating the best that Africa has to offer as we match through this century.’

His speech was met with a roaring ovation.

Bedecked in Ghana’s traditional attire and glowing with smiles as he mimed some words in Ghana language, Mr. Okutubo said the organizing committee was very happy to have chosen Ghana as the theme country this year:” When we chose Ghana as our Theme country this year, little did we know that Ghana was going to give us another reason for celebration; the winning of the FIFA Under-20 World Cup Championship by Ghana’s Starlet.

He said it was a great feat that Ghana was the first African country to win the cup.
“All these feats attest to the fact that we can achieve a lot with the almighty God
on our side and especially if we set our minds to our aims and goals.. So therefore, let us go out there and continue to excel, thrive and flourish” he continued.

Mr. Okutubo stressed that the year 2009 edition of GAB award was very significant for so many reasons, not the least the fact that the world at large is looking at Africa as that blessed continent that needs to move to even greater heights in spite of all odds.

Wale Adenaike, no time for boredom.
Master of Ceremony, Otunba Adewale Adenaike who paddled the boat of the occasion was co captained by Ben Television’s Swahili Diary host Ayoub Mzee.

Mr Adenaike, an accomplished host and motivational speaker was full of witty jokes, which actually gave no chance to a dull moment at the venue of the award, Holiday Inn, in Coram street, Russell square, Central London.

Among this year’s recipient were: American born Sierra Leonean, Yvonne Washington Toure, who got won the Health category award, Olawunmi Oluwafunmilayo Aiyeola, Community Services category, Tsega Gebreyes, Strategy and Development, Toks Kotoye, Entrepreneureship, and Mrs Ibironke Adeagbo, Finance.

Aare Kola Aregbe, Chairman. award committee.
Other include: Pauline Long, Community Services, Dr Richardson Adedayo Ajayi, Health, Business in Africa Events, Business Events Management, Cllr Mackie Sheik . Community Services,

This year’s award has received one of the best praises because of the nature of the selection.
The selection was handled by an advisory committee under the chairmanship of Aare Kola Aregbe.