Girl,19 and boyfriend 21, murdered by her uncle in cold blood for their cast differences


Two young lovers were found murdered  in a compound at the north-west side of Delhi because they were in love and dating.

The bodies of Asha 19 and her boyfriend Yogesh 21, were discovered by neighbours who live close to the girl’s uncle’s residence. Police said described the killing as a case of honour killing.

India-police arresting a crime suspect.
India-police arresting a crime suspect.

Asha and Yogesh  were found dead with multiple stab injuries in the house on street number-3 of Swaroop Nagar area in Delhi.

The girl’s uncle and other members of his family disappeared just after the two were murdered for engaging in romantic affairs. The families  remained untraceable for several days.

Police in India said the  incident came to light after neighbours informed the police on seeing the bodies on the premises of the house.

“The bodies have been sent for a post-mortem. Prima facie it appears to be a case of honour killing as the girl had an affair with Yogesh. We are investigating the case,” a senior police official said.

Both Asha and Yogesh are residents of Gukulpuri area of the city.

Asha had come to meet her relatives in Swaroop Nagar to spend some days on family visit  when the incident took place,it was later discovered.

Love struck Yogesh however realising his girl friend was staying in her uncle’s place had come on a short visit to say hello.

The uncle discovered the duo were dating and ambushed them calling on other accomplices to subject the lovers to midnight torture and murder.

They were said to be from different clans which actually had angered the Uncle resorting to the elimination of both teenagers.

It was later discovered that the two young lovers were tortured to death to protect the family’s ‘honour’ as both were from two different warring clans in India.

The alleged main perpetrator of the crime, Omprakash Saini, Asha’s uncle was arrested few days after the murder and police claimed he was  remorseless and defiant.
“I have no regrets… I would punish them all over again if given another chance,” said Omprakash Saini, uncle of the deceased girl.

Omprakash and the girl’s father were arrested on Tuesday.

Omprakash, who was produced before the Press at Ashok Vihar police station, revealed his niece’s lover, Yogesh Kumar, 21, was a Dalit from the Jatav caste.

He claimed the Saini family had gone through ‘‘difficult times’’ due to the ‘‘illicit’’ relationship. As for his niece Asha, he said it was unethical for a ‘‘woman to possess love for any other man after she had been engaged to a Sonipat boy’’.

Omprakash claimed he was sleeping on the ground floor while his niece on visit occupied the top floor with his wife asleep on the roof.

“Around midnight, Asha insisted that her aunt( Omprakash wife) to go to the downstairs.

“As she gave no apparent reason, my wife came down and woke me up. I went out to find the boy outside my house. Mera dimaag ghoom gaya (I lost my mind). No gentleman comes to meet a friend at midnight…I asked Asha’s parents to come over,” he said.

After the couple was caught by the girl’s uncle, they were tortured.

Indian Police“During interrogation, the accused said they flogged the couple and stuffed cloth in their mouths to muffle their cries. They were, in all probability, tied up before electric shocks were passed through their hands and feet”, police said..

“The actual cause of death will be ascertained after we receive the post-mortem report,” said DCP (northwest) N S Bundela.

Asha, 19, and Yogesh, 21, were also beaten with steel rods before being electrocuted.

Besides Omprakash and Suresh Kumar Saini, Asha’s father, a manhunt has been launched for the girl’s mother Maya, Omprakash’s wife and son Sanjeev, all of whom have gone into hiding.

Omprakash claimed societal norms dictated his actions.

“Yogesh, our next door neighbour at Gokalpuri, had no meaningful employment and he belonged to a low caste. His friendship with my niece was found out two months ago. We met his sister and it was settled that he would discontinue the relationship. We decided to marry off Asha in Sonipat to save our family honour,” said the Sadar Bazar-based trader.

However, my niece did not approve of our decision. My younger brother (Asha’s father) was apprehensive that if she continued to live in Gokalpuri, it would be difficult for her to control her emotions. Fifteen days ago, she came to stay with us,’’ he added.

*The father and uncle of 19-year-old Asha, who was tortured to death along with her 20-year-old boyfriend Yogesh Kumar, have been arrested, police said on Tuesday. The uncle, Om Prakash, was unrepentant and said he did not regret the brutal murders being described as a case of honour killing.

The couple was found dead on Monday at Om Prakash’s house in north Delhi’s Swaroop Nagar with multiple stab wounds and signs that they had been tortured, suffocated and stabbed.

“We arrested the father, Suraj Kumar Saini, and Om Prakash late on Monday. During interrogation, they confessed to the double murder,” a police official told IANS.

“The two are in police custody and will be produced in the sessions court in Rohini,” he added.

Delhi Commissioner of Police (DCP) N S Bundela said: “Prima facie five people are involved in the murders – Asha’s father, her uncle, her cousin Sanjeev, her aunt and her mother.”

Om Prakash later told reporters that he had no regrets about committing the heinous crime.

“My brother killed them. I have no regrets whatsoever,” Om Prakash said as he was being escorted away by the police.

“The boy’s family was opposed to the match and told us to get her (Asha) married off to whoever we want to,” he added.

Officials have described it as a case of honour killing as the couple belonged to different castes and Asha’s family was vehemently opposed to the match.

“It looks like a case of honour killing. The girl’s marriage was fixed with somebody else because she and Yogesh were from different castes,” a police official said.

“On Sunday, the girl came to stay at her uncle’s house and was assaulted along with her boyfriend and killed by her family.”

Renu, Yogesh’s elder sister, said: “Asha wanted to marry my brother but her family forcibly fixed her marriage to somebody else. On an earlier occasion, her mother had come to our place and threatened dire consequences if Yogesh did not stop meeting her.” Veracious