'Go Mubarak Go' protests spread in Egypt as government berate of national action is exposed

Map of Egypt

Egyptians on Friday stood up in unison on Friday telling Hosni Mubarak and his cronies that his regime in the country was no longer required. They turned out in millions just after the Friday Jumat service  filing and streaming into Tahir Square in hundreds.

By late afternoon on Friday, an estimated 2 million stood firm as they file into the square that Mubarak must take immediate exit from power

The stance by the  millions in the nation’s capital and the second largest city, Alexandria has shown proves that the president and his close associates have underrated the magnitude of the protest and their craves that he (Mubarak) should relinquish his presidential position.

Mubarak cronies on Thursday denouncing the protest had claimed that protest action was only from fee Egyptians claiming that the wide spread protest  was the handiwork of few disenchanted Egyptians whose voices are not representative of the entire nation.

Protesters at Tarhir Square

Speaking over the insurgence to Russia Today tv correspondent,  Paula Slier on Thursday, Ibrahim Kamel, a Member of Egypt’s Democratic Party ,  said only minority dissidents in the nation are in demonstration and they do not speak for all Egyptians.
He blamed the Media claiming they played a major role in misinforming about the situation in Egypt.

“There is almost a concert in play by foreign government and the media”, he claimed, criticising President Barrack Obama for advising the government to attend to the will of the people and take the road to political reform.
He claimed that extreme elements are the ones disturbing the internal peace situation in Egypt.

Speaking over the insurgence toRussia Today tvcorrespondent on beat in Cairo, Paula Slier,  Ibrahim Kamel, a Member of Egypt’s Democratic Party claimed that what is currently happening in Egypt amounted to conspiracy adding that though the situation in Egypt was unpleasant, minority dissidents, whose voives do not represent the nation  are those in demonstration and they do not speak for all Egyptians.

He also blamed the Media claiming they played  a major role in misinforming about the situation reiterating:”Those demonstrating are only in minority, and do not represent the will of all Egyptians.

The claim has served as further evidence that the government was not in touch with the yearnings of the nation

To further authenticate  the voive of the entire nation,tens of thousands of people have staged protests against the leader in Alexandria, in furtherance of the on -going protests telling the government in affirmative terms in the public  dubbed “day of departure” protest that the services of the  government was no longer required

An Al Jazeera producer said the crowds at Alexandria had gathered on Friday at the Qaed Ibrahim mosque in the centre of Egypt’s second city, which sits on the Mediterranean coast.

“Hundreds of thousands of people, possibly a million have gathered here,” he said.
“The atmosphere is very joyous and determined.

“There was an incident of an undercover security officer who tried to start a fight, he was apprehended but not hurt, however, he confessed he was paid to come and start trouble.”

The protesters, a majority of them from the opposition Muslim Brotherhood movement, shouted “Down with Mubarak! Down with the regime!”

Members of other opposition groups were also present, including activists from the Kefaya (Enough) and 6th April movements and supporters of Egyptian Nobel Peace prize winner and leading dissident Mohamed ElBaradei.

Mass protests
Sobhi Saleh, a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, said another group of about 25,000 protesters had massed in Alexandria’s Raml neighbourhood, and planned to converge with the main gathering before marching to the city’s Sidi Gaber square.

Anti-Mubarak demonstrators who have protested against his regime over the last 11 days had called for massive rallies across Egypt on Friday.

A security official said tens of thousands of demonstrators were on the streets in cities across Egypt, and Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the focal point for the pro-democracy supporters.

There are also reports of thousands of people demonstrating in the northern city of Mahalla.

Mubarak has offered some concessions to protesters seeking to end his 30-year rule, including pledging not to stand for re-election in September.

But he has shown no sign that he will step down immediately.

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Ibrahim Kamel, a Member of Egypt’s Democratic Party