Good Fathers launch Fatherhood Community in Haringey

Fatherhood community
Fatherhood community

Fatherhood Community, a new social Forum for the elderly fathers in Haringey Council has been formed and its inaugural meeting is to be launched   on Saturday, July 10, 2010.

The fatherhood Community meeting is a concentration of multi- racial men folk with good social orientation irrespective of age status and race.

It will be a social forum for fathers to find a common ground for socialisation and networking in Haringey area of London. It’s one of it’s first fora in all the Boroughs in London.

“We are championing a new social emancipation for all interested  elderly men in Haringey in order to secure a better social forum for exchange of ideas, knowledge and wisdom such that will enhance the social status and lifestyle of many fathers and family in the community, the Patron, Mr Joseph Adenuga said.

He said the forum is estabalished to enhance life so that many elderly fathers in Haringey would witness anew era of eventful  and healthy living. He said the pioneer forum is meant to bring into a more serene environment fathers of different background irrespective of age, colours and background.

Coordinator Joseph Adenuga
Coordinator Joseph Adenuga

The forum with the full support of Haringey council as the sponsor will specially bring together young and  elderly fathers  in a more friendly environment meeting, socialising and networking to create a communal life for the social emancipation of young and old in Haringey.

Haringey Council
Project funded by Haringey Council's 'Making the Difference'

This year’s meeting takes place at Somerford Grove Community Building, Park Lane Close London N17 0HL.

It is a forum for local fathers to meet and network both on social, educational,

Fatherhood logo
Fatherhood logo

religious and professional level with the highest level of confidence and understanding.

Name compilation for this year’s summer trip has commenced and the destination for the yeartrip is Margate Seaside.

All interested fathers are implored to register to avoid missing out.